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[GAME SETTINGS] View Distance Sliders (Min 500m - Max 3000m)
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I think it would be beneficial if view distance sliders were implemented into the settings panel for on-the-fly view distance tweaking. Minimum 500m - Maximum 3000m.

The benefits of this would be massive for fps, and general gameplay.

Entering a city I would slide the view distance down to about 800m, giving me a fps boost in and around these areas while the game is currently in its unoptimized state and then I could up the distance in rural areas where fps isn't as bad.


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As it stands numerous people already tweak this in the cfg but having this type of option would greatly benefit players who do not have this type of knowledge and most likely give them a better experience overall.

I suggest that 2 sliders be available. One for "View Distance" and one for "Object View Distance".

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Any reasons for the downvotes? Feedback would be greatly appreciated.

I even made an issue about it, because when you see the distance in game, can see the moving objects (people, animals and zombies) more easily - which should not happen because there is still a ground cover by weeds , shrubs and bushes that anyone would try to go unnoticed by crawling. But this makes no sense as is

Yeah I agree. I just mean as it stands people already tweak the view distance in the cfg but if sliders were implemented people could at least do it easier and not have to log out and back in again.