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Weapon loot on v0.50
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Hello, I noticed that since version 0.50 can be found only a few types of weapons such as:

  • Makarov IJ70
  • SKS
  • Sporter 22
  • Repeater
  • Blaze 95 Double Rifle
  • MP-133 Shotgun

Since this version, I've never found M4 and associated attachment.
Sometimes a few AK without charger. From time to time we find charger AK 30 rnd (description) => object type are mag ammo is 7.62.
Sometimes in 1911, but its almost impossible to shippers.

In addition, some server are empty, others you can not search the room so there has items


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m4s can only be found at heli crash sites afaik, i have found some attachments (also an amphibia s and a fnx), but not the gun itself today

30rnd mags are for the akm, which uses 7.62x39mm rounds
the ak74 needs ak mags (orange) and the ak101 needs ak101 mags

high grade military armory is supposed to be hard to find, so you just need to keep searching (in the right places)

You can find an M4 at a heli crash, as well as an FNX45 and Amphibia S. You can also find FNX45 mags at firestations. AKM mags do spawn, you can find them at the barracks, though they're sometimes hard to come by, aswell as AK74, AK74U and AK101 mags.

andy added a comment.Nov 14 2014, 11:37 AM

Hi joss113,
I checked this and everything seems to be configured and working properly on our end. I believe you simply got unlucky as some of the weapons tend to be fairly rare.
Thank you for your feedback and please feel free to submit a new ticket if you feel the issue persists.