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Duped Items found in backpack, never-ending ammo containers.
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I was on server running into electro when I saw a backpack on the ground. I picked it and and another player ran around corner who I evaded/ran away from. Checked bakcpack and there is a never ending series of ammo crates with munitions and yellow protector cases with other items. I may have interrupted a pickup from one player who duped items and dropped them off for another player to pick up.


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Cant really reproduce, just randomly found backpack with duped items. I went on a low pop server and unloaded all the ammo crates and protector case, dozens of them with various ammo, weapons, items, etc...

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I logged out with backpack if anyone wants to check game logs. Not sure how to take in game pics.

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itemception should be detected by the server like too much bullets in a magazin