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Helicopter spawn rates reduced?
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I've been hunting for helicopters for hours and hours all over the map, many times.

I'm not sure if this is a bug or whatnot, just noticed that helicopter rates are reduced by a lot than 0.49.


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I'm agree with you , the same for me since the 0.49 patch , impossible to found any helicopters.

I have played more than 4 hours , check all crash site = nothing
I have more than 1000 hours ingame , never sow that !

I agree with this... Not found a single crash since update and I even covered every single crash site to confirm... Not one. Unless 3 Police Cars had spawned... As I understand it the Police Car and Heli spawns are linked. There can only be a total of 3, so any combination of both. Please correct me if I am wrong as I have read this before.

Also I love the fact that they are super rare... But for the love of God if they are super rare then at least have decent stuff spawn at them! Even when I have found a heli crash in the past all I have found was boots and chem lights... And that was right after a restart so no chance of other players getting there first.

andy added a comment.Nov 7 2014, 12:13 PM

Hi Catjingle and others,
we are aware of some issues with this mechanic at the moment and investigating. Please be patient.

andy added a comment.Nov 7 2014, 12:14 PM

This is related to #18134, going to close this ticket now.
Thank you all for your feedback.