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Weapons taken from player when submerged in water
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With the changes to the temp I for first time actually was hot! I'm pretty happy to see this! So I got to a pond put all my gear in my waterproof backpack and as soon as I get to the point of where my character is swimming I am disarmed of all my weapons and backpack! As I freak out thinking maybe it was a hacker I go back into the water to see all my gear is laying in the pond.

Not only did it take the gun off my back but my longhorn that was in the vest I was still wearing and also all of my mags from my backpack were also removed and dropped into the pond.


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Load up with a gun on your back throw a gun into a vest and put some mags into your backpack and swim out to the point of where the character treads on water and and swim backwards as soon as you start to move everything will strip off of you.

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Also when I went back in to get my gear my screen went all black for a second and my friend said that he couldn't see me, then my screen flashed as I took damage I'm pretty sure it counted as fall damage.

Thank you guys for all the work you do!

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Hi guys,
thank you for your feedback! It's much appreciated.
I am going to close this ticket and use #18822 in the future.
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Happened to me swimming in the sea, initially it happened right when i got in the water, but i stupidly put my gear on and tried again, i got halfway across the bay before it happened again

The water took my drybag + mosin, and emptied my binoculars, sawn-off and something else cant remember what out of my backpack onto the floor

Items affected: any firearm, binoculars, rangefinder, any kind of magazine or clip - basically everything you don't want to lose.

Items can be retrieved one or two at a time by swimming to the spot you lost your gear.