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[Suggestion] Add Ability to use empty Shotguns or Rifles as a Melee-Weapon.
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As we might have been able to find a Gun or Rifle, still searching around everywhere to find fitting Ammunition (not to mention Magazines), when attacked by a Zombie in a real-Life Apocalypse, One would feel the Urge of punching the Enemy into the Face with the Weapon's Backend, right?

Speaking of e.g. the Mosin (5 Shot) doesn't show, how much Bullets it is actually holding in the Stats, yet you can't reload it instantly, until it's empty, you have the Chance of wanting to shoot a raging Zombie, hearing this annoying *click* Sound of the empty Weapon, having to put the Weapon away first, luckily having an other Weapon in the Inventory, taking it out...



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Add melee action while wielding a gun. Agreed.

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Hi everyone,
this is something that we have been considering and discussing.
Please be patient.

Red Orchestra does a really good job of this, take a look at how they implement the controls... That game is a full on simulation and as such has a lot of controlls much like DayZ but they manage to keep it simple.

@andy: Oh, but we are :), just suggesting. Thanks for the work BTW.