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Loot respawn bug
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I have found a respawn bug where loot spawns nearly without ending. It took me over an hour to get all the stuff out of the building. The loot was backpacks, bandages, shoes, drinks and other small stuff (no ammo). The position of the building is 081 071 on this map:

I had the same issue view days ago, but not as much as this time. The loot respawned as fast as i took it. After about an hour or so the respawn stopped and only two pairs of shoes respawned. Please look into it because the last time such massive loot spawn was possible, the server crashed very fast (i think it was version 0.47... something back than). Picture of the finished work is included. A lot of the backpacks in the picture has loot in it, about 80% of it completly full.


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I, now, had the same issue in the military base near vybor. There was also a massiv loot spawn with dozen ak's. If you put one ak up a new one spawned in the next building. It was a amount of loot to, at least, fully equip 30 players with weapons, backpacks, ammo, food, uniforms, boots, helmets, short, everything. When i first got there i found, for example, 2 ak-101, 1 akm, 1 ak-74, 5 sks, 3 shotguns, 1 pumpgun, 2 winchesters, 5 ak-74u, 7 makarov, 3 cz-75, 1 p1, 3 crossbows, 1 blaze, 2 sporter and 3 cr527 carabines.

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Can confirm for Zelenogorsk and the military base near Myshkino. Ridiculous amounts of loot. Like wtf amounts.

I now can confirm, this problem appairs randomly on a lot of different sites. In Dolina for example, also at the three houses at the traintrack between Elektro and Cherno.

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Thank you all for your feedback!
The issue is now being looked into, but might take some time to be fully fixed - please refer to #17617.