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Items can not be picked up, if action is selected nothing happens
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From time to time I encounter items, that are impossible to pickup. Even if I click them multiple times, it does nothing.

Rearranging items in the inventory or opening/closing doors works fine. Sometimes relogging solves the issue but not always.

Occurred the most in Zelenogork this evening, playing on UK 0-04


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Roam the latest experimental
Try to pick up items, best chance to reproduce is to find houses that are spawning loot in abundance and too much obviously.
Aim at item, try to pickup (drag and drop or cursor)

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btw the loot distribution is really imbalanced, some houses are flooded with items

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it seems it has to do with the server/client desync - the server thinks I am at a different location. Often it is the last part of complex geometry/wall touched. You can check this if you drop an item, for example a food can to the ground, and it disappears from the inventory but does not appear in the vicinity. Backtrack the path you took, to the last place you interacted with the server, and there it is. If you do this, you then can go back to the item you could not pickup and pick it up. It's weird.

I had the same problem with a can of sardines, no chance of picking it up whatsoever. But I was able to open it with my axe, which then put it into my inventory - so not sure about your theory

I can confirm this is linked to character desync - its the same as the "zombies hit through walls" bug.

This happens on Stable now too. There are itens that is over a table, box, inside a wardrobe and sometimes on the ground too, some of these items you can't pick it up like that.. You have to drag to outside of the inventory window, so the item drops again somewhere around, after you find it, you will be able to pick it normally