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stash box to replace current tent functionality: item persistence how it should be.
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i have not found nor used a tent in the standalone game, but i guess they work just like in the mod.

using tents just to store items is a bit awkward, since it really neglects their purpose, they should much rather be used to protect your caracter from weather/environment when you log off. but i will file this as another report.

i imagine, that adding persistence for all items you drop on the ground or in buildings, including exact location, state and ongoing influence by weather/environemt will be a bit much to ask for, so here is another suggestion i came up with.

i suggest to add a real stash box, like the protector case, just way bigger. which can be locked, you'll need to find a padlock with a key.

and those locks can be broken with a lockpick, cutter or crowbar. the later two would ruin the stash and/or padlock in the process. or you kill the owner and loot the key, so it effectively becomes your stash.

such a stash needs to be so big that it won't fit in any backpack, you can only carry it in hand if it has no loot inside, or can be loaded on a car with big enough trunk/cargo area, once vehicles finally become a part of the game again.

they should be very rare and available in variety of bright colors, but paintable in camo just like guns.

i don't think it would be too hard to implement this, the model for a stash and padlock should be fairly easy to design, compared to all the other awesome things they already added. and all the other stuff and mechanics to make this work are already in the game.

correct me if i am wrong, but i think persistence is an essential part of this game, just like perma death. and i don't think both concepts contradict with each other, as long as rarity of items and duping mechanics stay under control.

comment away (:


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nice idea , altough i guess it'll take time to do since scripting it would take about a week i think

azra1l added a subscriber: azra1l.May 8 2016, 8:25 PM

how so? tent mechanic is actually in place, just replace the model.
apply handcuff mechanics to padlock, and make padlock be attachable to the stash.

modelling would take most of the time i guess. i have no idea how hard it can be to make a model like this - maybe just take the protector case, make it bigger, add new skins, done? would be a start. i also think they can use models from arma 2/3 and rework them with little effort.

sounds simple to me, then again i am no dev, maybe for good reason xD

thajay added a subscriber: thajay.May 8 2016, 8:25 PM

some kind of safe mechanic is kind of needed at the moment. lockable vehicles could also serve this function but might be a bit overpowered

Accessible storage is a great idea.
Things to consider:

  • Enable carrying in hands, but at walk speed only. Otherwise it's too clumsy to move your stash, having to transfer everything to another backpack.
  • Lash with sticks and rope to make a lockable backpack.
  • Attach a burlap/grass wrap to disguise it or paint it green and black camo.
  • Different sizes: square box (4x4), rifle case (7x3).