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[PRIMARY REPORT] Not possible to take things off a dead body
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Yesterday we organized a little Bazar where my friend droped his revolver for reordering hin inventory, and both of us werent able to take the revolver again.
We could see it in front of us, but even aiming at it, we couldn't take it up.

Then my friend died for a missuse of Defi XD, and we couldn't loot him. We were in hin inventory, but all LMA didn't work. RMA worked perfectly, so we could split ammo, empty mags and so on, but there was no way to take the loot from him and drag it to the ground.


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At this point my friend did already respawn, maybe that is important?

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we investigated this a bit and it has been scheduled for a fix. Please be patient.
Thank you,

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may be this can help?
Here I was unable to pick up a thing... Some of the Utilities he had I could take it to the ground, it then disappeared from his inventory, but didn't appear in vicinity, it was just gone...

I don't know if you did something for it, we had a big fight in 0.53 and so I could test it a bit.
Now I was able to pick up some items (ruined one) but I wasn't able to take a rifle into hand.

I could change the weapon, but wasn't able to pick up when I was wearing my one.

I killed a guy by a mine yesterday, i looted his body some 3 minutes after that, i couldn't take anything from his dead corpse, when i moved canteen from his inventory and placed it on ground, it dissapeared. And i could hide the body which usualy i can't.

15 months later, same problem. Gonna be a long time until beta, i guess... :(