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[Exp 0.50.125214] Bodies Cannot Be Looted When They Have Slid On A Hill Or Stairs.
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There seems to be an bug where a players body cannot be looted if they have moved even slightly by sliding on a hill, slope or stairs.
You can access the inventory by click the mouse wheel on the body, but you cannot interact with any items. You cannot drag items or right click and take.

While testing Exp 0.50 yesterday evening, my friends and I killed a player who had tried shooting us. His body slid on a very slight slope, the body only moved around 1 meter, but we could not remove or interact with any items in his inventory.

Later that evening my friend died from the random and unexplainable "Your leg is in pain.... you are dead" bug while walking. His body slid around 2-3m down a slope and as a result we could access his inventory but could not remove, take or interact with any items.
Leaving the server and rejoining resulted in the body being invisible but was still visible for the players who had not left the server.

Bodies seem to slide even on very slight gradients, so this is quite a big issue.


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Reproducibility - Every time a character/player dies while on any gradient.

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I wasn't sure whether to list this under Animations or Inventory. Please inform me if I need to change the category.

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My nephew just died on some stairs in a TEC building, (Another strike of the "Your leg is in pain.... you are dead" Bug), his body slid down the stairs and therefore could not be looted by myself, our friend or himself when he got back to his body.

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Thank you for your report, Euphoria.
This is something we are aware of and looking into, however it might take some time - please be patient.

No problem Andy, I understand the processes involved in game development and that things take time, some more than others.
Appreciate the acknowledgement, always great to get feedback.