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Dropping second main weapon from hands on apartment balcony causes weapon to disappear.
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Summary: When I drop weapon from hands onto an apartment balcony, the weapon disappears. I was on fourth floor balcony in Novo when I dropped second main weapon, .22 with 30 round clip, from hands to balcony floor and it disappeared. I checked the roof, 3rd floor, 2nd floor, ground floor, and grounds outside of building to see if weapons phased through balcony floor. I did not find it.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Player stands on balcony and drops second main weapon from hands to balcony floor.
  2. Player confirms that second main weapon disappears and is no where to be found.
Additional Information

I have not tried to reproduce this yet, but will do so again and update ticket.

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This happens when in the apartment sometimes as well. This is because most items that s[awn in the apartments are about 3/4 in the floor, so when you drop things they will sink into the floor and you can't see them visually or in the vicinity when you press tab. Lost many guns to this and one time a backpack.

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Happened to me as well in a random room of the apartment. The mosin sank into the ground and I thought I lost it - it was definitely not on the floor of the level below me.

As I returned to the room, I saw a tiny tiny speck on the ground, and it was a part of the long range scope of the weapon, clipping through the floor, and luckily I was able to pick it up.

Never dropped anything important in those appartments again.

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Thank you for your report!
I investigated a bit and there indeed are some problems here. The issues are now scheduled for a fix.

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Happy to help, big fan of the game from the beginning. Appreciate all you and your teams efforts.



I have had this issue happen to me many times, in many different buildings. Does not happen when dropping a gun outside.