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Player Getting Hit Meters Away From Actual Location
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I can enter buildings and lock zombies out, but sometimes I still continue to get hit like my character is still outside with the zombies. I can loot and do other actions at my actual location, but continue to get hit by zombies as if I was stuck outside with them.

If I stay with-in 20 meters of where the zombies are. I will continue to be hit. I can circle around the building and usually see this generally occurs around entry ways, items like trash-bins, and bushes, as the zombies are circled around those locations hitting at something invisible.


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Just general playing and aggroing zombies, then run in to a building, closing door. Check rooms for items, upstairs or ground level, start receiving damage from zombies that do appear to be hitting me, but I'm no where near them.

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That's also an issue if you want to pick up or drop items as dropped items will appear where your "hitbox" is and you cannot pick up items when desynced ("pick up" actions depend on where you are but to actually pick up something your hitbox needs to be there as well).

andy added a comment.Nov 7 2014, 11:57 AM

Hi shinjuru,
thank you for your report!
While I was not able to reproduce this, I know what you are talking about and it is caused by multiple issues which we are aware of and working on. However, completely getting rid of this might take some time - please be patient.