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Experimental 0.50 Canned sardines cannot be openend with can opener
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canned sardines cannot be opened with a can opener.
The can opener is pristine and it wont open them, all other canned foods seam to work fine


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I can't open sardines with anything at all, axes included. Also, I can't open spaghetti with a can opener either, all other blades are good with spaghetti though.

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can confirm this for canned sardines and splitting axe ... I'm starving ... :/

cabbage added a subscriber: cabbage.May 8 2016, 8:15 PM

Can confirm above(build: 0.50.125144)

The silver tinned, round can - NOT the tan-coloured, rectangular "tuna" tin.

Also - SKS bayonet refuses to open anything, just displaces food tin in inventory with itself.

For paranoid, You can't open sardines that way, that's tuna

andy added a comment.Oct 10 2014, 2:32 PM

I have confirmed that there are problems when attempting to open cans with melee weapons or a Can Opener and it is now scheduled for a fix.
Thank you for your report,