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DayZ Beta .50 Hunger, thirst, and freeze.
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First thing, thank you for fixing the freezing thing that was to a point of annoyance. Second thing, hunger and thirst. I understand you want to create a challenging realistic environment for players to move around and make hard choices on gear or food/water but there is nothing remotely realistic about starving to death in ten minutes. On the other hand if you had balanced the hunger/thirst change with a higher loot spawn of food and water. This is probably going to be the biggest complaint of this patch update and should be addressed post haste.


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Spawn in and move around without eating/drinking.

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P.S. Love your game but some things need to be addressed such as zombies glitching through walls or invisible long arm glitches. It's really quite irritating and will probably be another major complaint.

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I like it - finally something to worry about. Bonus points for making surviving the first part of the game somewhat of an achievement - might help people to worry more about not dying and actually gives people helping each other some weight.

andy added a comment.Oct 27 2014, 2:40 PM

Thank you for your feedback, AnthroWolf01.
We are aware of the temperature issues (please refer to #17130) and of the ones with hunger/thirst as well.
All these mechanics are a subject to constant tweaking and rebalancing - we will be able to reach the optimal state eventually but for now please be patient and keep in mind that the game is in an early development stage.