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Description Experimental.
WASD controls randomly 'stick' and your character will end up running/walking in that direction.

The only way to stop your character auto-running/walking in the stuck direction is to double tap that direction key.
But it will then happen again randomly and you have to double tap the appropriate key again.


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Unknown, happens randomly and I have found no way to 100% reproduce it. But it happens ALOT.

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I use Track-IR.
I have unbound 'Turbo', still the same issue.
I have not changed anything since previous version, Steam just did the auto-update.
Makes the game 100% unplayable as you have no fine control over your character. Last time it happened I was on a roof and it stuck on A so I ended up walking off the roof and died.

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I'll find the way to reproduce it check it:

andy added a comment.Oct 6 2014, 10:52 AM

Hi Guyver1,
this has been reported before and we are currently investigating the problem.
Please see #17595.
Thank you,