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My friend and i where killed in Cherno by an individual who clearly used somekind of
hack to constantly drop our weapons out of our hands and into the ground.

Also in his arsenal there where also more than normal in game speed.


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We experienced the same hack yesterday night. My Clanmates and I (6 people) were all constantly dropping our weaopons. One of my clanmates saw them (2 hackers) teleporting and they did not lose their weapons all the time => they were not effected by the hack.

Now hackers do not only have big advantages by teleporting and knowing where everybody is (ESP) but also make you defenseless and drop your weapon. They can teleport right next to you take your weapon and kill you with your own weapon.

Pathetic hackers. Won't take a fight even if they already teleport.

Bohemia: Stop this right now! Give us useful admin tools!

I wonder if this could be the same bug that was causing me to randomly drop all my gear several times at NWAF, I was killed shortly after.

Happened to me and friend last night, exactly the same. The hacker was teleporting and we dropped what ever weapon was in our hands.

Also this is same as 0017730 (if it helps you guys to merge bug reports)

habvero added a subscriber: habvero.May 8 2016, 8:12 PM

Happened to us aswell today. My two friend lost their guns from their hands. And some equipment from their bags!

Here is something that I found after the same thing happened to me.

I just don't get why people do this, makes no sense, ruins the game for others for no apparent reason.