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character continues running after releasing controls
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The character will keep running after releasing the controls. To stop running I have to double tap the button for the direction I am going.


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I am not sure what triggers it since it operates differently depending on regular versus hardcore servers

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On 1st/3rd person servers it is not so bad and usually only occurs in side a building. On 1st person only servers it is much more intrusive and happens pretty much every where randomly. Additionally and I am not sure if this is a separate issue or not, occasionally I can't open my inventory, I have to go into configuration and remind the game to use the DayZ presents key binds.

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Duplicate. Please use search and try to find your problem before you make a new ticket.

I did a search with several different parameters, all I found was something from January. How about you let the devs handle it instead of sharpshooting others?

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Confirming bug. IMHO it's bug connected to the keyboard events like KeyDown, KeyPressed, KeyUp. Look's like game, sometime, loosing KeyUp event and thinking that key still pressed. GL, devs, I hope you will fix it ;)

andy added a comment.Oct 6 2014, 2:47 PM

This has indeed been reported before, please see #17595 which is the primary ticket for this issue.
We are currently looking into this.
Thank you for your report,