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I have 977 hours in the game and have never seen loot spawns like this, there is nothing there. No need to run to the NWAF, any house are high value building has nothing in it but cem-lights. No guns, maybe some poor clothes, no ammo, and I am seeing stuff still there after server reset( Persistence is not on my server right now). If you dye there is no food to eat. I hit some servers that are low pop and same thing.


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Reset server, joined other servers.

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my server is The Federal Bureau of Chernarus

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Bohemia added a subscriber: hajo808.Oct 3 2014, 5:16 AM

I agree loot is crazy now. When I respawn I find a coat and run to the closest military base, don't even bother looting anywhere else its a waste of time. Military isn't much better but t least guns will spawn there, the tents are worthless though only food and cleaning kits.

fing24 added a subscriber: fing24.May 8 2016, 8:12 PM

I have no problem with things being hard to get, but I wish they would spawn in other places not just curtain areas. Then people would explore more and not go straight to the best loot areas. Yes military places and police stations should be the main place for the high chance of getting guns, ammo and mil kit, but not the only places to get them.

andy added a comment.Oct 9 2014, 10:45 AM

Hi survivors,
I have not managed to reproduce the issue, is it still a problem on the latest version?
Thank you,

Yes Andy, i played right now. No loot nowhere.

Blint added a subscriber: Blint.May 8 2016, 8:12 PM

depends on wich server you are playing in experimental yesterday there was loot on the DE servers but at the US experimental there was no loot

The same for me , i have 956 hours ;)
and since the last update now it's very very difficult to find some loots on my server or need to kill somedoby :~ , i played often on my server i never sow that.
I'm talking about my server specially.
My server is in persistent mode , but even in normal mode is still the same.

for me nothing loot since last update , i can provide you more details about my server if needed.

Someone have more details about the time between 2 loots ?

This could be a server specific issue, or maybe you guys just had bad luck.

During the weekend I've been playing about 20 hours on 5 different servers and everythings fine with the loot quantity, as it always was since I started playing DayZ Alpha (250 hrs on record since january).

Yesterday I died 2 times and got fully geared up (gun, ammo, backpack, misc stuff) within the hour. Also I found two rifles and a pistol in a police station, of course I took all of them and hid them in the bushes nearby. Maybe that's what happened to you as well.

Loot quantity isnt really an issue, for me and my buddies at least. Except for the fact that there are too many food cans lying around. Makes hunting pretty much obsolete.

Here's a story about bad luck: We were 3 guys (almost)fully equipped with military clothing and Mosins/AKMs, but none of us had a axe, knife or a can opener yet. We searched at least 3 hours for a sharp item to open our cans or gut an animal. No luck whatsoever! One of us nearly died of hunger! Sometimes it's just bad luck that you dont find the things you need.

andy added a comment.Nov 5 2014, 1:36 PM

we have tweaked some possible causes and the original issue here should be gone by now. It is however possible for similar problems to reoccur, please submit a new ticket if you happen to encounter some.
Thank you for your feedback,.