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Game is unrealisitic - nobody in real life dies of hunger or thirst in a few hours
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I am in the southern hemisphere, so it's always winter in the game. No matter how warmly I dress, I will always die of hypothermia. This is unrealistic.

When hitting a zombie with a melee weapon, it hardly ever hits unless I stand close enough to smell it's breath. This means when a zombie chases me, I will die, unless I climb up some stairs where it can;t reach me. This is unrealistic.

If I haven't had a drink for an hour in real life, I just get thirsty. In DayZ I'm dead. This is unrealistic.

If I haven't eaten for an hour in real life, I probably won't even notice. In DayZ I'd be dead. This is unrealistic.

In real life, I would have to run in the rain for about 15 minutes to be completely soaked through, but in DayZ this happens in 5 seconds of rain. Unrealistic.

If I fall off a roof in real life, I could sprain an ankle, maybe break a leg. In DayZ I'd be dead. Unrealistic.

Fixing all of these should be as easy as adjusting some of the values for how the character is affected, it shouldn't take reprogramming the game.


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Play the game for an hour.

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Though you are right to a certain extent, you are over-exaggerating some things.

Unless you have a bug. Because even if I run full speed in DayZ for an hour I won't "die of hunger", let alone if I camp on a sniper hill somewhere.

"No matter how warmly I dress, I will always die of hypothermia."

> There is something seriously wrong with the weather update. Let nobody tell you otherwise. To avoid this, try playing on vilayer servers for now (filter for vilayer in server list)

As concerns food or water, you need more of it the more you move around. Somewhat realistic isn't it? But if you only had to eat a meal every 24 ingame hours, the game would have no survival feeling at all. On the other hand, it irks me that when you fresh-spawn, you have to eat 8 pounds of food before you go from "hungry" to "energized". Unless you eat fresh fruit and veg. In that case it is more like 16 pounds......

"In real life, I would have to run in the rain for about 15 minutes to be completely soaked through, but in DayZ this happens in 5 seconds of rain. Unrealistic."

> It's not "unrealistic", it's "broken". I've been on servers with a drizzle and got soaked within seconds. I'm sure they haven't got the fine tuning right on this one. Another thing I find stupid is that if you're running around in the rain on a warm day, it says "I am rapidly cooling off" when soaked. You don't rapidly cool off in the tropic rain. I've lived there for 6 years.

"If I fall off a roof in real life, I could sprain an ankle, maybe break a leg. In DayZ I'd be dead. Unrealistic."

> Didn't you know?? All the survivors in DayZ survived the plague because they all suffer from brittle-bone-disease. That particular genome causes us to be immune to the pandemic. Kidding. It's super over-the-top.

Anyhow, though I somewhat disagree on some points, thumbs up... since generally, the game is not realistic enough. A few more points I might add are

  • restricted movement
  • restricted melee combat
  • restricted inventory

haha, you just made my day!

I've never played the ArmaII DayZ, so I have no idea what it's supposed to be like.

I agree with all your points.

I get that we need to get hungry quicker, but this is ridiculous. I'll never have PvP because there's too much PvE. On all the servers I've been on, people are in a rush to find loot and don't bother killing each other, there's no time.

i don't get how people may mistake this for a forum ( this is the bugtracker, where you should report all bugs that HAVE NOT been reported yet. all of what you have mentioned are known issues, that have been reported several times. also imho if you mean to report several issues, open several threats, so that the devs can see each one more easily
if you are not sure if an issue has already been reported search here
and if it has already been reported, just upvote it, leave a comment maybe, but don't make the 10th threat for an issue thats already reported, as poor Andy has to read each one of them, and bundle duplicates
so pls, save the devs time in future

also a hint for encountering zombies in meele:
punch them in the face, and evade their hits to the side. but don't think you are done yet when you knock them out, they will stand back up in some seconds! also circling around them has proved very effective especially if you have a longer weapon

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@ColonelBurton: I want to see you jump from the second story above ground and get away with "just" a sprained ankle or a broken leg. You can already sprain an ankle from 1.5m+ if you're unlucky or land wrong. From the second floor above ground level you can be happy when your head doesn't hit the pavement because you knees and ankles break.

Sure, there's some parkour dudes who have trained these things and get away with it - but that is not the norm. I challenge you to jump from above 2 meters - you'll notice you're heavier than you think. Or try dropping an iPhone from that height and imagine it's your ankles.

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Please only report one bug per ticket.

Also, be sure to search before opening new reports as all of these issues have been reported previously.