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my graphics and resolution are horrible
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I have no idea why, but dayz is the only game that has horrible graphics for me. I bought an appha version of it from steam and had the required graphics card for minimum gameplay and it had such horrible resolution that i couldnt read the words clearly. Im really frustrated because the graphics look amazing for other youtubers but not for me. I have a intel HD graphics 4000 display adapter and i have a toshiba satellite Laptop. I would really appreciate if you could tell me a way to fix this because i am very anxious to fix my graphics so i can enjoy this game like everyone should. If you could fix this issue or tell me how i would really appreciate it.


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The only way to reproduce this is to launch the game on my computer because my friends do not have this exact problem therefor they cant tell me how to fix it

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I have tried every way I know of to fix this issue and nothing has been successful, also keep in mind that I cant read the words so I cant exactly navigate through the settings and adjust the resolution, so I need some way of fixing this that doesn't require me to adjust something in the settings. If it does though, I will need a specific description of its location so I can figure out what it is (example: one from the left and three down. This would be a good description for me of how to find a certain button to click on.

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when you are in the main menu:

4th button from the top (configure)
top left button of the 2x2 bracket (video)
top left button of the 2x2 bracket (user interface)
drop down menu in the middle (size) -> 5th from the top (very large)
this should have adjusted your font size ingame, and you should be able to read the menus
next adjust the resoluton and aspect ratio in the same menu, to what your laptop can do. you can even set it to full hd, because you can lower the rendering resolution later (best set it to the navive resolution of your display)
if you can read stuff now, press close and set the rendering resolution to 67% for testing
the higher the rendering resolution is set, the sharper the image gets, but with your slow onboard gpu you propably can't set it any higher than 1280x720, if now even lower

don't expect the game look pretty on you laptop, the youtube videos are propably made on a PC with decent hardware

you can also go to the dayz.cfg file and edit the two items below to your native screen resolution.

Then you should be able start the game and make other adjustments, because you can now read the menus.

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Hi bouse17,
this can be done either manually or the way rgobeli1 has kindly provided.
Feel free to use this image with the options you need to select in order to change the resolution highlighted.
Please let me know if you have managed to solve the problem.