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Only Vilayer hosted servers handling temperature effects properly since 0.49 server stability update
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Since the last update, characters that were created and well-equipped to handle the weather and its effects are struggling with rapidly getting cold no matter the conditions. An example is my character:

  • Pristine Gorka jacket. Worn Summer Hunter pants. Pristine gloves. Worn Balacava. Pristine Hat. Pristine Jungle boots.

Prior to 0.49's server stability update I rarely received status messages indicating that I was getting cold. In the case I did, I was able to step inside and/or start a fire, recover my heat after a few minutes and continue my journey. Now no matter what, I am rapidly getting colder and will begin to "shake" and "freeze" within 10 mins, even under ideal conditions.

Sitting next to a fire will remove cold or freezing status indicator, but it immediately returns if you leave the fire.

After testing this with my own character as well as my fiance's, I've noticed this is an issue with all server hosts OTHER THAN VILAYER. Vilayer servers seem to be functioning the exact same way as 0.49, however all other servers seem to treat characters like they're naked (or close to) regardless of what they're wearing and condition of clothing.

Again, this appears to only be affecting characters created prior to 0.49 before the stability update going live, and all server hosts except Vilayer.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Use a well-geared character created prior to 0.50.
  2. Log in on a server other than a Vilayer hosted one.
  3. Attempt to be inside (or out, doesn't matter) on a clear, sunny day and you will rapidly receive cold status messages.
  4. Log off and log on to a Vilayer hosted server.
  5. Notice that no matter the weather condition, you will begin warming up as long as you are wearing appropriate gear.
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0.50 is out?

No. At least I don't have a clue what he's talking about.

It's not. I assumed the update/hotfix yesterday was for 0.50. It's still .49.


This issue is widely discussed on Reddit, Colonel.

What he is talking about is true, it just is wrong version since 0.50 has not been released.
Covered in another earlier topic as well.

Yes, indeed, this is correct.

I just joined a vilayer server and the temperature seemed realistic enough.

EDIT: Tried a second one, it was also fine.

@Geez maybe close this ticket as obsolete?

Geez closed this task as Resolved.Apr 3 2019, 11:47 AM