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Hacking still possible in 0.49 [PRIMARY REPORT]
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Hacking is still possible in stable branch version.

This is a video (not mine) in which the player is able to talk to the hacker. He explains what his hack is capable of:

  • speed hack
  • ESP
  • loot magnet hack

Just to name the most important ones.

The two players already have contact at 2:56, but the first time when the hacker is in the video is after 3:48. The two talk German but when they talk with the hacker they talk in English. The hacker starts talking after 4:50. He explains what the hack is doing in detail.


(For e.g. make it possible to report the last time you got killed and somebody is taking a look on that player if there are a certain number of reports of hacking.)


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I hate people like this.

the devs have said that while the game is still under construction it's something we have to put up with as the game is very vunerable in this stage, the best we can do is find the hackers steam ID or some other means to tag them and report them, cant stop the hacks yet, but can stop the hackers playing

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Yes, but if nobody is able to know the Steam-ID of somebody else nobody will be able to do that.

Or give at least the server-admins more rights. Let them see who killed who. Make it possible to send messages to the admin in a seperate channel. And also make it possible to ban people permanent on a server (from what I know that is not possible at the moment).

Yes, it is an Early Access game and still in development, but if a few people are ruining the game for everybody else a lot of people will leave the game. If somebody is leaving the game for a reason it is very hard to win him back, even if the game has been improve and hackers are gone.

If somebody hacks in CS and I die I can leave the server without any consequences. If somebody hacks in DayZ and I die I can leave the server, but I have lost gear which I had to loot for hours. I will probably decide not to go looting again for hours just to get killed by a hacker again in a single second of battle because he pops up behind me. So DayZ is different from other games were you do not lose everything. Hackers in other games are annoying and everybody hates them. But in DayZ it's even a worse thing.

Moreover if the game is known to have a lot of hackers it will struggle to get rid of this reputation. Even if in the future the hackers are gone new potential players will probably decide not to buy the game because of its reputation.

Hackers ruin the game not only for the players but also for Bohemia.

"Der Typ widert mich richtig an, Alter" -> same here

So how am I supposed to find out his Steam ID, silentblade?

Maybe we should make the game less anonymous during the Alpha stage!

Besides that, maybe the game needs a few more plausibility checks

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"Holes in development that can't be closed"
How about a tool that scans the database?
How hard it is to detect hacked gear? Not hard..
How hard is it to see the movement speed of the players via database? Not hard..

There are certain RED FLAGS that can be captured via the player database.

I haven't been playing since this report few weeks ago. Now I have played two nights again with my clanmates. First night a mate and I were killed by a hacker the rest was able to log out. Yesterdfay two people (one of them was me again...) of our six man team died again by a hacker the rest logged out. We changed to server to regroup and to get new loot. During the two people who died ran back to the airfield the rest of our clan was killed at the airfield by hackers.

Only two nights and we meet 3 different hackers on different servers.

Yes, it is an Alpha. But nobody should expect me to play this game anymore and take part in the development without being paid. If a friend wanted to play this game I would tell him NOT to buy it because of the hackers. He will probably never again think about buying this game. Not even in the future if the hackers are gone.

Bohemia you are losing potential customers and potential money. YOUR MONEY. You are losing your current players and fan base alreday.

Give us useful ADMIN TOOLS NOW. Otherwise the only players that are left will be hackers who kill each other. Great job Bohemia. You let 1.000 hackers ruin a game of millions! You ruin your own profit and future of your company!

The fact that nobody official answers to this report shows how less Bohemia cares about their REAL player base.

I have only met 3 hackers in like three weeks.

The FACT that you whine about something that they are WORKING ON, doenst help the development of anti-hack measures. They clearly stated that they are working with Battleye client to upgrade and detect hackers easier and ban them globally. However, they gave no time limit.

So take a break, calm your tits, and then come back. It's Alpha, it's only good they cheat NOW as much as possible, so they can do what they can to prevent it in the full release.

tldr; Stfu and be patient.

Sorry to piss in your cheerios, but hacking is a part of online gaming, it'll never ever be gone, sad I know but hey that's how it goes.

Also, trust the "cheaters"(hackers don't play games they're too busy hacking databases and probably robbing people) to be German. Best thing we can do is just stop German's from playing online games.

xbase added a comment.Oct 6 2014, 1:15 PM

@RagedDrew this is bullshit man. German people do not cheat more or less than others. This has nothing to do with nationality.

Hacks are still a problem but as of last week, there is no reliable god mode or loot spawning. Hackers cannot reliably use scripts in game without being detected by battleye. Scripters seem to be detected more often. As a server admin/owner I can also report that most hacks encountered in my server are still using speed, aimbot and loot magnet. My best tip for detecting/reporting hackers is by looking through the steam profiles via the "players" menu in the overlay screen. Screen grabs of the player list and their related pings can also tell you who is likely hacking; 75% of players using hacks will have high pings as their cheat engines are operating in their background operations.
Also, it has been reported to me that many hack engines are being used in 40 pop servers, I cannot say why but that seems to be the current trend.

Hello Konseq,

As mentioned by a couple of the guys in the notes section, the devs are aware of the problem related to the hackers/cheaters and they are continously working on tightening security as development of the game comes along:

Unfortunately, there is no immediate solution to this problem, but please rest assured that the security issues will be addressed over time.

Merging with ticket #8589