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Random Server restarts
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we have a lot of random Server restarts on other public Server as well as on our privat Server (where we have admin rights, so no way that someone restarts the Server from outside or inside over commands).

Its all ca. 45min to one hour.


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it is really annoying. A lot of frequent server restarts on most of the servers.

I hope it is not the players who found a hole.... On some srevers when you kill the admin I think that they can restart server and they will be still alive with their gear. But now it is different cause it is happening to often.

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I seem to be only able to play on a server from just a few minutes to maybe half hour if I'm lucky. I noticed on my last attempt that I got the usual 'no message recieved' text pop up but when I tried to re-join the server after I was kicked it was completely gone from my favourites. Normally I can just log straight back and carry on but not the case this time. This may or may not be linked to the continual server restarts but I thought I'd mention it as it seems likely to me.

Hi nerobp,

Is persistence enabled on your server/on the servers where you experienced the restarts?



Hello JStewart,
No, its disabled.
We read it on other server that this mode let the server crash, but each day the server crashs.
It crashs after 3+ restarts or if the server runs too long withouta restart. It depends on 1 hour to 15 hours.
Then we have to press 10 times on start server until the server starts from the admin side of the server. The game itself is frozen.

Btw: because we dislike the new loot system we never enabled it before we tested, if the crashs stops by this setting.

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I have this issue on both my servers and persistence is not enabled.

Have you been in contact with your GSP and ask if they can see the reason for your server restarts?

Jman added a comment.Oct 2 2014, 1:40 PM

I know I have contacted my GSP several times, which is Vilayer. They blame the issues on BI. Memory leaks, and various player actions is what they say.

They told me that they would adjust the malloc on the servers and up the server box to it's maximum RAM. Still crashing intermittently and often.

They have told me that they sent off the minidumps to BI. The server box itself crashes at least once a day as well, which brings all servers down on it.

Thanks for the feedback on this JMan. I'll keep the ticket alive while the devs work on the issue.

Jman added a comment.Oct 2 2014, 11:43 PM

Just wanted to ad both my servers IP's

Both are in AU and I do talk to other Admins that are here in AU with Vilayer. Whether or not it's Vilayer specific I'm not sure but restarting the servers manually every time they go down is becoming a nightmare. I may also add that this has been going on for more than a month, so before .49

I think most of us Admins would just like our servers to work since we pay such high amounts to rent them. Obviously we do understand that it is Alpha and servers will crash but the frequency at which they're crashing now is a bit much.


Completely understandable JMan. Thanks for sending in your server IPs.

Played this morning on 8 server, 3 persistent, 5 non. Most of them had after 5-10 minutes a "No message received", one did freeze so I was able to run, etc. but not to interact with any items/objects.

I agree with JMan.
The thing that I can't understand is that when 0.49 first came out, servers kept restarting so a hotfix was rushed to fix the problem.
Once the hotfix was deployed, servers started to freeze and to need manual restart, mine crash even more often since the hotfix... but there's no hotfix coming.

Why was it urgent to released a hotfix after 0.49 came out, and not now when the situation is worse ?
I'd actually love to see an update that would simply remove the hotfix and go back to what was 0.49 before the hotfix.
There was no freeze, no need to manual restart.
It used to crash but at least the server was coming back online.

I've read on the status report they "hope" to fix the problem at the end of the month... when a new hotfix is actually needed more than the previous one was.

I wish we could downgrade to remove this last hotfix.

We are at fragnet and the Server Crashs most times after a restart.
We have following crash-"Points" (persistent is disabled):

  1. The Server restarts and in "please wait" the Server Crashs. Here the Server restarts again in the Background and all Players hang in a Screen of "please wait". Here you have to disconnect and reconnect (Client).
  2. The Server restarts and in "please wait" the Server Crashs. In the server-list the Server freeze in the time and Status before the restarts beginn. Here you go on the fragnet-control side and the server-Status is "Unknown". You have to stop the Server and start it again. This can be use 10 tries or more because the Server will not start by pressing stop or start.
  3. "No message since XYZ-Seconds" (red). There the Server Crashs and you have to shutdown the Server over the side and restart him. Also this can be use alot of trys.
  4. The Server freeze in the game and you can only run and if you try to use right-click in the inventory you only have "receive...". You have to try to shutdown the Server and restarts. Also here the Server-Status is "Unknown".

5)The game Crashs of the admin witch is logged in. Then it is possible that the Server Crashs also. This is rare.

The Server Crashs alot of times a day.
It is possibe(!) to Play 12houses IF the Server dosn't Crash ingame (3 or 4) and no restarts come.

Thanks for the extra info nerobp. In order to investigate further, would it be possible for you to provide your server ip and port number?


ANKKA32 added a subscriber: ANKKA32.May 8 2016, 8:02 PM

We have same problem and our server in fragnet....


Thanks Ankka32 :) Your server info has already been sent across to the devs after you submitted your ticket.

Okay thanks :)

Same problem here with one Vilayer server

It's restart sometime even with persistence disabled, it could restart 5 times in one night ( not the regular restart ).

Another issue i have sow , when we connect on it the message : "please wait" is still pending 30 sec to one minute before i enter into the game.

Thanks terror_east. Your server info has been noted down as well. For the second issue, a ticket has already been filed for that (#11456).

Jman added a comment.Oct 17 2014, 11:45 PM

I'm going to chime in here again. Random server restarts seem to have gotten worse(for me anyway) since this weeks maintenance.
Crashes with less than 10 players, crashing loops and some huge performance drops with 30+ players.
I am not sure it's something Vilayer has done or BI has done during maintenance but it's happening far more than it was before maintenance. Since I have 4 servers(2 U.S. and 2 AU) this is getting very problematic.
If it's Vilayer specific then we need to get them sorted and there's nothing we customers can do except put in tickets that come back with ridiculous answers.
What has changed since this weeks maintenance? - This being the worst culprit. Crashing 6 to 8 times in a 5hr period.

I have another problem since this wednesday as well.
The server still freeze all the time but now if I try to restart the server at any point with the #restart command, the server does a #reassign.
It doesn't restart, it just reload everything, and freeze just after.

The ip is still : (fragnet)

@Jman - These crashes/freezes could also be due to players attempting to use certain exploits in order to attempt duping gear. The devs should be able to determine the exact cause during their investigation.

@nerobp - Thanks for the heads up; that bug is already in the database, and I've sent the extra ip addresses to the devs as well.

Hello, I have the same problem. (fragnet)
It's already a issue for 3+ weeks and every time the server hangs.
Need to restart it with hand, seems to always happen when the server is pretty full.
It also mostly says the server is full with like 30 - 40 people online.
If you try to join it say wait for host forever.
Sometimes 1 time a day, sometimes 10 times a days.
It's really annoying and it's really hard to keep the server running like this.

Here is the ip:

And a screenshot: [^]
I was sleeping this night and when I wake up I see this.

ow sorry, persistence is disabled :)

@solidkalle - Thanks, I'll add your server info to the list of servers that are experiencing this problem as well.

mist3r added a subscriber: mist3r.May 8 2016, 8:02 PM

we also have problem for a while than when more than 10 player are on the server, something goes wrong... The CPU falls at 0% Ram stable and the players don't leave the server... So actually they are running around, but they can't interact, or they are stuck on please wait...

After a manual restart it works again... Happens once day at least.
Often in the evening when more people play on it.

@mist3r: for that issue I would recommend that you submit a seperate ticket along with your server info.

Hello everyone,

This should no longer be an issue anymore. However, in case the problem reappears, please feel free to submit a new ticket with your server information.