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Alpha mask on foliage has holes on AMD
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When looking in a particular direction at a certain elevation (I am unable to recall what this elevation is, but typically the direction is towards the West side of the map) the leaves on trees and shrubs have holes in them that allow me to see through the entire world to the skybox. I cannot see the terrain or any objects behind them, they are simply holes through all the geometry in the rendered scene.


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Get to the correct elevation range and look in a particular direction (may or may not be linked to sun position in the world at the time)

Additional Information

It either does not happen at night time or is not noticeable due to the colour range.

This occurs on all AMD graphics hardware I've tested including: HD 7750, HD 7990 and R9 280X, but does not happen on any NVIDIA hardware or Intel.

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Hi Rexhunter99,
sadly, this is an AMD issue and we cannot do anything about it. Please consult if needed. AMD seems to be looking into this (, we hope for an eventual fix.
Thank you for your report!