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[PRIMARY REPORT] Switching to other items while meleeing
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While meleeing a Zombie(Which seems to have gotta a lot more difficult with this patch) I would be swinging my cutting axe at a zombie, and on multiple occasions my character would whip out my compass. I attempted to remove the compass from my quick bar and move it around, it continued to happen. Since the meleeing has gotten harder, I was certainly more panic-y and was rapidly clicking my mouse which could have contributed.


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1: In possession of compass(not sure if it is compass specific, it only happened like that for me)
2: Rapidly click to swing weapon
3: character would eventually pull out compass instantly

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Had to leave to work, however assumed I should report this asap. Will try other combinations later.

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Same problem, machete in slot 1 and shotgun in slot 2. Click-click-click to hack with a machete and occasionally it auto switched to my shotgun.
.49 Experimental - 15 September 2014

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Same Problem, Click Click Click but changed to nothing Empty hands and so Boxing around instead of using an Axe

Seems to be when the mouse button is spammed, if clicks are timed while the weapon is not in swing animation no switch occurs. Noticed with machete, telescoping baton, cattle prod.

Known problem look at the patch notes.

"Issues :

-Persistence (Events do not get loaded properly after server restart)
-Persistence (Server state can become corrupted due to grenades stored in containers)
-Melee (When using rapid left click there is a high chance that melee weapon will get switched)
-Broken shadows in some cases
-Zombies are unable to get into some of the buildings.
-Events (bad positioning on spawn, items might spawn below ground, can be seen on inventory screen)

This has been a "Known" issue for a while, and has been reported multiple times. Plus, you have kind of answered your own question here, *Stop panic spamming the left mouse button!* Just click once and "Hold", your player will repeatedly swing whatever weapon you have, spamming does Not make you swing it any faster.

andy added a comment.Sep 26 2014, 3:00 PM

Hi survirors,
I have confirmed the issue and we will hopefully be able to fix it soon.
Thank you for your reports,

See video [^]

I've been getting this since the 0.49 push to stable. When spamming LMB to hit zombies (live or dead) my weapon will often switch to the 3rd item in my hotbar. At least I noticed today it always seems to be the third item in my hotbar.

I've had this with the fire-extinguisher, fire-axe, the baseball bat and the cattle-prod. So it seems to be a general melee issue.

It doesn't seem to happen when hitting floor, walls or ceiling, but only zombies and maybe players or their bodies.

Interestingly, at one point you can see my character "stab" using the canteen. Something which is generally also not possible.

Can anybody confirm this only switches to 3rd hotbar item, please?

A friend and I noticed this repeatedly. It always seems to be item 3 in ur hotbar. If no item in hotbar, then fists.

andy added a comment.Sep 29 2014, 9:58 AM

Yes ColonelBurton, this indeed seems to be the issue.
Feel free to refer to this ticket for notes on future progress.

andy added a comment.Oct 20 2014, 10:42 AM

this has been resolved internally and should be fixed for you within the next Steam update.
Please create a new ticket if the issue persists.