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ESP Hackers and impossible understanding of my location and player name
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There's nothing more disappointing than being in a building with the door shut for 20+ minutes where it's IMPOSSIBLE to know you were there, have the server reboot, log back in, wait 5 minutes (still in the same room with the door shut, never having moved) and then hear "Survivor, drop you weapon." I was like, LOL, he's talking to someone else. Then I hear again, "Survivor, drop you weapon!" I ignore it again because it's impossible, the room I'm in doesn't even have windows to see me, there's NO WAY anyone can know I'm there. It's then that I see the door open and a guy head shots immediately. The nail in the coffin to knowing it was an ESP hacker - he even ridicules me, "Death by... well, Death By Machine gun I guess now!" My ingame name is DeathByCrowbar and there is no WAY with 20 people on a server he could know who he killed. Here's the list of players who were online at the time (attached).

Time, server, etc of where it happened is:
"09/11/2014 12:45 AM"
lastMPServerName=".:In FOG We Trust, The Rest We Dust. Zero Admin Abuse:.";

They're still online, whoever it was.


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I have no idea how to reproduce this, I'm a bit embarrassed I was in Berezino in the first place.

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I know this is early access alpha but the sooner this gets fixed the better, it's quite a major distraction from the alpha testing/participation process.

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for him knowing your there maybe you were laid against a wall so that your legs or some part of your body appears through the wall as for knowing who you are, he checked your pulse, it gives identification

silentblade63 that would make sense if I weren't standing in the middle of the room with my shotgun in the air pointed at the door the whole time. I never once moved, I didn't eat or make any action that would have resulted in a sound, let alone a way for him to know that I had a weapon up. Also the location in the room where I was standing, when he opened the door he already had a bead on me, never once moved, and shot once. All of that combined to happen without ESP would be impossible.

Sounds like he saw your legs sticking out of the building and got an easy kill.

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I think it is possible to stick your head into the wall of a building and see through it or into other rooms, see issue 16726