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0.49 Exp Hunger and hydration status not updating as well and unstoppable hypothermia
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I am eating and drinking as much as I can and i am not getting any status changes when it comes to hydration of energy. The status I have is the one you spawn with that says "Hungry". I joined another server and when i spawned in i had severe hypothermia. I jumped in the nearest pond and got soaked i even took my clothes off and it was still saying my temperature was rising. I killed myself and now with my new character it is not updating my hunger again. And when i join back i am dying of hypothermia again.


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Join a server then try to eat or drink. Nothing will happen and you will get no status changes. Disconnect with and reconnect and you will have severe hypothermia no matter what you do. It is so far making the experimental version unplayable. I have tested it 4 times already and it is always the same result.

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Ehhh... he said "some things". I guess it was an older build and they wanted to test some things. As long as it get patched up quick it is alright. The main problem is that they let all of us inform each other about what is wrong instead of actually telling us what is wrong as soon as they find out. We payed to alpha test, so i believe as testers we should at least be closely informed on bugs and info, not a very vague twitter post.

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Also notice this. The game is unplayable in current state

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did they do any checks before releasing this update? as this is a game stopping bug.

They just needed another excuse to extend their deadline... thou i do enjoy the changes they have implemented thus far the fatal hypothermia glitch is unplayable.

confirmed. it's really annoying pls hotfix it

Hunger, thirst, health, blood, and body temperature do not update unless you switch servers or relog. This will cause you to over/under drink, eat, and be completely unaware of your health until you do so. You can also just randomly die if you play in the server until your player runs out of health, blood, or whatever. It seems that the status is being applied to your character, but none of it is rendering or showing on your status messages.

Yeah i love this game but, sometimes i wonder if they even test it themselves before they let us have at it. The zombies AND Status mechanics are completely broken right now.The worst part about this is that ether the dayz staff know about this but refuse to at least admit that this update is broken or, they have no idea and didn't pay attention to the community. We love you dayz, but we always get such little information about things. At the very least acknowledge our concerns when it comes to things like this. At least let us know you know the problem exists so we know that you guys care about the players who care about the game.

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Rogue, they confirm that nothing of that kind of bugs was present in internal testing.

@Mikhail can you send a link to where you got that info? It would be very helpful.

"Some things that are broken in this build, are working fine internaly, as mentioned this build is a bit older, but wanted to test few things"