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0.49 Experimental aim at zombie head and attack with machete misses
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when you aim at the zombies head it will just miss. tried a little left and a little right of the head like when i fight with fists. but all hits miss the target. when i aim at the chest then i knock the zombies out. so hitboxes are still not right :(


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Having the same problem with fire axe hits to the head, not sure about body. One zed I had to shoot as I could not hit it with axe at all after at least 10 attempts while it was standing still. It was hitting me fine lol

The melee system is broken since the latest update.
Zombies can hit players while facing the wrong direction, being two meters away, behind a wall or even dead, but to hit a zombie the player must execute a flawless strike where the end of the striking motion hits the zombie exactly on the head. Going through the zombies with the weapon counts as a miss -.-

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i know the melee systm is broken ColonBurton. but i went and downloaded the experimental version which has 0.49 on it. in the latest status report i read they were buisy fixing this same problem. but i guess it is still not done yet.
also the doors can still be opened from top level and railings.

starting to wonder if this game will be finished this decade.