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Items in the inventory of dead players are invisible until status is refreshed
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When hitting the the ridiculously small area in which you can loot a dead player and you finally managed to access the inventory, more often than not the clothes appear empty. Weapons have no attachments.
You can not access them at all - until the status is refreshed. You can force this by putting an additional item in a clothing (if capacity < max) or by adding an attachment to the weapon. Or throw the items on the ground and relog.

It's annoying and in the game since May.


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Steps To Reproduce
  • Kill a person
  • Access his inventory
  • Look at weapon and clothing, even if they appear empty, often the items are just not showing
Additional Information

Unknown if it happens every time, it sure as hell is common.

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confirm and recorded it in a let's play.
But its not ONLY on death players. Also if a teammade gives you a weapon or so on

Please fix this. It's one of the most annoying bugs. All you can do is stare at the damn body. If people are actually around you, you're done.