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Introduce Gun Jamming
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If gun were jamming, it would add chance of escape for people Shot on sight, and if Jamming was dependent on number of bullets shot in a row. it would certainly annoy infinite ammo glitchers and hackers shooting at you like with an A10 plane.
Give 5 to 15 sec to repair the Jam for example ...
Could be a nice feature on its own too, the weapon cleaner kit could find its use.


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Weapon jamming on a Badly damaged weapon? Ok. Weapon jamming with damaged ammo? Also ok. Weapon jamming after firing pristine ammo from a pristine weapon? Absolutely not, please.

This is just like randomly sneezing, randomly falling off a slippery ladder or randomly losing items. They do happen in real life, but in every game, even in this one, the player needs to be in control. No random stuff may occur, unless the player is at least in some way responsible by getting sick or not keeping his equipment in good shape.

KOS sucks, but it happens because too many assholes and immature 12 year olds play the game (PEGI 18, anyone? Hello, parents?). These problems are in reality, not in the game. Fix them there.

Hello Xyzabc,

I think ventrue's addition with ammo or weapon's condition is pretty neat.

If you add that into your suggestions Ima drop a like


I agree with ventrue.

the game have these 10 y old kids who are all the time killing bambis, the PVP are great when you are in a big group, and you know is another clan who have better stuff than the yours, and can be a long and interesting funny figth, and sure will be more interesting if the weapon jamming is added to the game, 1 Vote up (sorry for the bad english)


I personally also do like the idea very much. But unfortunately, this is a bug reporting system and that is not a bug. For suggestions, ideas and general discussions, please post in the forums:

Thank you.


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Ok sorry Johnny.

Just one last word here I do agree with ventrue also, but.. I can tell you a gun would stop firing after 2000 bullets in a row (too hot) even pristine.

If anyone want to port this idea, feel free to do it. [^]

I don't think it will be taken into account anyway so I will leave it here.
you can close this report so it does not interfere with bug reports. thx

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The Feedback Tracker now has a Feature Request category to allow for suggestions.

oh ok, I see it is now in [All Projects] Feature request, thx R834
so feel free to comment and propose then for whoever is interested or not;

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