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[Suggestion] diversion Items: Sports horns & firecrackers.
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Hi DayZ development team,

This idea might seem over the top, but bear with me.

Last night, some friends an I were playing DayZ, and we were looting Town houses in Elektro. Now i think most people would agree that zombies are pretty relentless now, and I'm sure There will be even more zombies by the time the game reaches beta. Anyways, When we fired shots waves upon waves of zombies kept showing up. It was becoming very difficult to loot. So i began to aggro the zombies to lead them away from my team, some followed me... but not all.

So here's my idea,

Add a sports horn to loot spawns to aggro zombies instantly for diversionary tactics.

Or perhaps another item that's very loud like firecrackers.

if you like this idea please up vote or leave a comment!


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@Gh0st op,

Most likely not considering other players would just go towards the sound and kill whoever is making it.

It would be fun for bandits, though.


That would be pretty cool! i love that idea!

"by the time the game reaches beta"


You mean by the time the USS Enterprise begins taking recruits? Beta for this game might be in about 100 years, at the rate they are currently moving!



The Standalone came out in December, man.

It really hasn't been that long.

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Zombies should be responsive to all game sounds, including in-game voice.

Whether or not introducing new loot for this purpose only, I'm not sure.


These items could be a way to lure zombies to specific place or person.


Firecrackers can be placed and ignited away from the loot locations to distract zombies, and the horn would allow the player to run the zombies away while another person proceeds to loot.

Does that make sense?

To alleviate your concern, basically the idea is to get ALL zombies in the area away from where your looting spot. Instead of some going after me, and some going after my friend. These items draw zeds to one person or place without aggro, in other words zombies are oblivious to players (other than the person blowing the horn, of course)

I knew you were going to put this on here HAHAHA!. You should also be able to craft a trip wire air horn to a door entrance to alert you of nearby palyers. All these things are also in the new game Survive the Nights that will come out in Alpha feb 2015 and beta in March 2015. Already lightyears ahead of DayzSA except for the graphics.



yeah after what happened to us this feature would be helpful.

I think more players would want to cooperate with other players if they implemented this.

gh0stop added a subscriber: gh0stop.May 8 2016, 7:42 PM

Seems like people would just troll/spam with these items.....

Hello GooglyEyes92,

that's a great idea you've got there. +1

If I may add, it would be nice if you were allowed to put ammunition on portable gas stoves to create a distraction too.