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[SUGGESTION] Weapon Slings, Large Protector Cases, Gun Cases, and more
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Weapon Slings-
Can be found in military spawn location and few industrial locations. Weapon Slings will have the ability to be crafted by using rope and duck tape. Allows player to carry more that one primary weapon on them. Takes up
1x2 area in inventory. Will be common in both Military and Civilian spawns

Large Protector Case-
4x5 in inventory can carry up to 24 slots. Should be uncommon. Can find in both Civilian and Military spawns. Military Large Protector cases can be found in a black color. Civilian can be found in a yellow color. Will be common in both Military and Civilian spawns.

Gun Cases-
Case will take up a 4x7 slot. 4 side , 7 up. Has the ability to carry both pistols and rifles. EX= Mosin 1930 . Rifles will be protected from water and can absorb 2 Mosin rounds. They will be able to hold up to Three rifles. can be spray painted green, black, and camo. Can be found in military, and civilian. Will be common in Military spawns but uncommon in civilian spawns.

More uses for Duck Tape-
The Ability to repair a backpack.
The Ability to repair a vest.
The Ability to tape a flash light to your gun.
The Ability to tape a Knife to a gun.
The Ability to tape someones mouth closed.
The Ability to repair canteens.


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Please consider on adding these items into an update soon.

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The weapon sling and duct tape ideas are great.
To make it more realistic one should NEED to craft or find a weapon sling to be able to put the gun on your back. No sling = gun on the ground, to do other things.

Slings! We need to shed this 'magic velcro' nonsense. I don't care if it's easy to make one out of rags or rope, just put a lid on survivors lugging around 3+ guns.


*duct tape. As in tape you would use to patch holes in ducts, not tape that quacks at you if you get too close. Sorry, but it was driving me insane.


Honestly, there should be a variety of slings. Normal two-point slings that attach to each end of a rifle (all rifles/full-length shotguns, to sling over shoulder, or provide stability while shooting while standing), three-point slings that allow for you to carry the rifle in front of you (freeing up your back slot for another rifle or secondary melee weapon), one-point slings that can only be attached to certain vests (assault, smersh, hi-cap, plate carrier) and only certain guns (mp5k, m4, aks-74u, pistol-grip MP-133, RAK).

And agree, there should also be the ability to improvise a two-point sling for weapons using rope or rags or the like.

I also like the gun case idea, I'm just not sold on the "it can absorb two mosin rounds" idea, as most anything would be destroyed after absorbing a 7.62x54r bullet, much less two. Nor on the whole "it can carry three guns" point. I think it would be cool to have A GUN (one) and its' accessories in a gun case, and then be allowed to fit that gun case in a mountain pack or to be carried by hand/stored in a tent or vehicle.

Duct tape can already be used to repair/fortify a number of items, as well as be used as makeshift handcuffs. I do like the idea of using duct tape to tape somebody's mouth shut - it would disable their in-game comms, and if they tried to talk it would come out as "mmmrmph, mmmph!", or some other muffled sounds.

Well, sorry to drive you insane a little more:

I do like the ideas but not as an addition but rather as a replacement for the current magic slots. Crafting slings from not too rare items would make it a little more difficult to carry a rifle early but not cripple players too much. Though I would prefer if they added snap hooks for this purpose (and other applications). Or both of course with the taped one degrading over time.

That picture makes me want to rage poop. I am aware that "Duck Tape" is a brand. A brand of what, you may ask? Oh, right - DUCT tape.

And yeah, the magic slots gotta go. Snap hooks or D-rings or carabiners would be a pretty good idea. Shit, if you had carabiners, rope, ice axes and stakes you could go rock climbing, or rappelling.