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Adding a Note at failed with blank page.
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I added a Note and the Server sent a blank page without any sourcecode.
This might be a flaw in your php-files or the server has been out of performance.

You might check the invisible errorlog on the page /bugnote_add.php


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add a Note
Youll get this:
The Note is added but you only see this, if you check the original Page.

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This should show the bug.

ini_set("display_errors", "1");

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Hey there,

this doesn't seem to happen to me. I can see your note is posted in the thread. This could be happening due to the high number of notes for that particular issue.

I believe that even though you load a blank page, the note does get submitted. Can you please confirm that?

"I believe that even though you load a blank page, the note does get submitted. Can you please confirm that?"

This is true, I can confirm.

In my case I hit F5 to reload the blank page. Thatwhy my notice had been posted twice. I deleted one afterwards.

I have quite a lot experience in such bugs. This normally happens, if the script is somehow broken or some other error happens. It took quite a lot of time until the blank page was set.
I think internally some error happened, which could be a timelimit for the script-run.

If timelimit:
Maybe caused by a table-lock in mysql (myisam, highload)..
Maybe caused by missing indexes on some table..
Maybe it is ok to rise max. timelimit by PHPs "set_time_limit(100);" -> but maybe this will be bad for the server in high-load-times.

General: This could be critical, but doesnt have.
I really dont know what the script does after inserting the post. Could lead to unfinished links, broken databasestuff etc.