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Game client crashes after 10-15 minutes of playtime
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Since patch .48 I cannot play DayZ. After playing for approximately 10-15 minutes I start receiving the 'No messages received' timer and then shortly after my client crashes out. This occurs on both regular and hardcore servers. I know that this is not due to a server reset since my clan mates are still on the same server with no problems.


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Just log in and sit or play for approximately 10-15 minutes.

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This is exactly what happens to me since yesterday afternoon.

I cant upload rpt file because it says its a duplicate of this guys./

This is happening to me as well. I hope the devs will take a look on this. We keep disconnecting after 10-15 minutes.

In one case this caused my computer to complete freez and I had to perform cruel restart.

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Please upload the files from

Pack the files into a .rar file - if the RAR is smaller than 5000KB, you can attach it here. If it's larger, please upload it to a file sharing website and link it here.


If you haven't already, could you open a new report each and upload the requested files along with a dxdiag report.



I have uploaded the files you have asked for mine are:

DayZ.rar [^] (999,022 bytes) 2014-08-18 16:29.

I really hope this helps. If there is anything else let me know. Godspeed.

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hey, im experiencing the same issue... its exactly the same ...

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I have the same issue since yesterday morning.

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I am also having this same issue. I can only log into a game for 15 minutes then crash no matter what server I join. Full or empty.

Here's mine, Thanks! [^] (2,229,859 bytes) 2014-08-18 18:06

I have the exact same problem, so does my other friend.

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me too.. please help ...

I am having the exact same issue

I have same problem...please fix it...

same at me, and got my own thread too

Same for me, every 15 minutes, i have the red message "no message received". And my friends which are ingame says they see the message "have been kicked by battleye - client not responding". i tried many things to fix it downlaod BEclient from the site, create DMZ, open ports ... but nothing works and it happens on every server. here my files from C:/Users/<Name>/AppData/Local/DayZ/ :

Ok I zipped up my DayZ.RPT file and added it. Thanks for looking into this!

This happens for me too.

10-20 mins, no message received. If I quit my character is whiped. If i stay DayZ freezes my computer for 5 minutes, then goes back to main menu.

The same problem, every 10-20 minutes. Also started yesterday...

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Guys. its not us. its them. like come on, if we have all been playing dayz fine before.... and im going to say maybe.....2-3 nights ago this started for all of us? its not us. its them.

Same problem already put in a report, started yesterday as well

Same as well, only the problem didn't start initially with .48. Problem started ~ two days ago, get logged out every 10-15 minutes as if server is restarting.

I ditto what everyone else is experiencing. From yesterday 17/08/14 my game started telling me I was losing connection. So after logging out of the server, the game freezes and I have to re-stsart it. Happens every 10mins to 30mins. Doesn't matter which server I am on or what I am doing.
Curiously though, when launching DayZ and in the start-up screen, with your character on the RHS above your name, it is the same character I was, when the problems started. Same clothes, weapons etc..
I have now completely re-installed DayZ twice. Once from Steam, and them from my PC, taking EVERYTHING off my PC about DayZ.
So this evening, I started DayZ from "brand new", and I still lost connection, froze and had to restart it.
However, when I have a server restart, my game does not freeze and I can log back into the servers immediately without having to restart DayZ.
At present, DayZ is not fun to play. Having to restart so many times is wearing a tad thin now. Beyond a joke.

Yes, this has started about 3-4 days for me. I also freeze when I try to exit

This has been happening to me the last two or three days. The game is sadly unplayable now.

I should also note that the same time this problem started happening, my config files also started getting erased periodically.

some news.. in arma 3 there are also connection timeouts, battleeye kick; client not responding..

I think its an issue from BATTLEYE

BATTLEYE fix ya shit !

Here's my revised DayZ and Dxdiag report.

Dayz report mikkolangot.rar

Thank you Devs!

I attach here "Dayz Megadave.rar" including the requested files and the dxdiag

This issue is also happening to me. Did not happen immediately after .48, but a few days after, now will happen every time. I have tried updating graphics drivers and confirming my DayZ cache via Steam.

when are new textures for rotten kiwi's coming though? am i right?

The problem is the same. I attached the file. I hope you can fix the problem.

Just a thought, did you guys ran any windows update last weekend?


Just checked, no update since the 15th, problem started on the 17th

latest windows update was at 13th on my pc..
it began from 17th on

hopefully its gonna be fixed tommorow, within the server maintenance

Mikeone added a subscriber: Mikeone.May 8 2016, 7:35 PM

Same problem and for me last 3 days.

I have also uploaded the requested files.

same issue guys.... here is another thread on it...

Here is the list of things I tried before I submitted the report:

Downloaded updated Battleye DLL
Verified DayZ files through Steam
Ran malware checks on my PC using various malware removal software
Turned of anti-virus programs
Turned off firewalls(hardware & software)
Restored Windows from a previous restore point
Updated all chipset an GPU drivers
Reset router
Made my kids run around the room waving their hands in the air singing an ancient Druidic chant.

Just noticed this was assigned to Kira.
Good luck and God speed Kira, I know you can do it!
Thanks for working on this issue.

Hey Fleabark
"Made my kids run around the room waving their hands in the air singing an ancient Druidic chant."
Hope you were whipping them too.
Druids indeed. Made me laugh.
Or as the kids say now "lol"... WTF!!??

Fixed after dealing with random disconnects for +48h!!!
Devteam should be able to catch up soon.


I think I know why this is happening. Need to test a few more things first though.

huf757 do you know now?

After not playing for awhile, I got the dayz itch again and started playing on Friday. On Sunday 08/17 the same bug started occurring to me. It does seem to be coming from battle eye cause I notice a lot of time out messages followed by kicks to other players in the server messages, more so than usual. I also had a sniper mosin character get wiped to it on Monday. My client doesn't crash per say but it does have an extremely long freeze/pause occurring after I click on the prompt to go back to the server list. SUPER annoying and unplayable for me right now.

Hey guys, somehow I managed to pass the 15 minutes mark today without getting disconnecting using the stable branch. I've only tested it for about 30 minutes. Can someone try it if it's 100% working? I can't play that long right now, but anyway it looks like the game fixed itself. Please post some updates if you still experiencing the disconnection problem.

Hey Guys!

I've got the same prob since 17.08.2014. Today, after the weekly maintenance, i logged in and was playing for 1 hour and 3 minutes. After 15 minutes i got the message "<Name> is losing Connection" for about 2 seconds and it was laggy, but i didn't lose the Connection.

But yesterday it was the same (without the "losing Connection"-Message). At 10:00 AM i was able to Play about 25 Minutes without a disconnect. I thought "ok, it's fixed". In the evening (20:00) i tried to Play with a friend and was losing Connection every 15 minutes.

Let's hope they fixed the prob with the maintenance today.

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Hey guys!

Fleabark: Thank You for the report! I see you have attached .RPT file, could you please also attach .bidmp and .mdmp if they are in the folder?
See for further instructions.

Others: We thank you all for your help. If you are still experiencing this problem, please create new issues as this is really confusing for us to go through.

Thank You!

Hi Kira,
The only file I have in the DayZ folder is the .RPT file. I have a MPMissionCache folder that has a .PBO file in it, and the Battleye folder. That is all.


I bet it's BattleEye, bad at stopping hackers/cheaters. perfect at crashing games.

I literally just bought this game sunday. I haven't played the game in any session longer than 15 minutes at most. Doesn't matter what server or anything. My client crashes every time I join a server after ~5 minutes of playing.
I have done so much searching for a fix, I have done everything I can find on google, and nothing has worked.

pleaaaase fix this. I just want to play. I literally just bought this game, this is more disappointing than the mod's glitches.

Also having the issue. Completely unplayable.

same issue: 0015889

Found a fix on Reddit, If you put -winxp in your Dayz launch options in steam you wont have the issue. Sadly you also cannot Alt+Tab otherwise the client crashes right away. But I was able to play for a solid 2+ hours tonight after not being able to play for longer than 5min.

I just tried -winxp, I made sure not to alt-tab, but I crashed within 15 seconds of being on a server..

Just finished playing for 3 hours today, no disconnection and everything is back to normal for me. I dont know if battleye made a fix or the devs fixed it because I sent the attachment needed for them to check.

yeah -winxp does not work, game crashes right after opening

I'll try without -winxp and see if it just happened to get fixed right as i applied the change.

Hey guys,

I apologize for the confusion. This is not a game crash, therefore there is no need for submitting crashdumps. This issue was caused by a recent BattlEye update, which should now be fixed by BattlEye themselves.

Please refer to this issue #0015889 for information on how to solve the problem or to provide additional infomation.

Thank you very much.