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Persistent Servers Duplicating/Rapidly Respawning Items & Subsequent Server Freeze/Crash - SERIOUS ISSUE
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Persistent servers are duplicating items every time someone logs in or when the server resets, especially near campsites but someone reported this issue occuring at a police station. Chicken coops are rapidly respawning items as well. This may be happening at other places. I'm not entirely sure. It seems as though once the server has done this too many times, it finally enters a state where the time does not change and players are unable to join the server.


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Having a campsite with items in and around tents usually guarantees that this issue occurs.

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My group has a campsite where items have been duplicating for about two days now. The server with our campsite is DayZ NY 3-150 - Hosted by - Persistence Enabled. We had created a junk pile which I then tried to condense into backpacks only to have the items respawn where they were prior to my efforts. The only solution we were going to try was to dump the items on a server without persistence so that a reset would delete those items but that will not help at this point as there are too many items. We cannot carry them all over at once. When we log in again to get more items, there will just be more duplicated items. The server has already frozen as well it seems. I will include screenshots of the junk piles. If we make another campsite, I might try just keeping maintenance on it. When items duplicate, I'm gonna try to dump them on a server without persistence before the items build up. Hopefully we can prevent more servers from freezing up that way.

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You don't need a tent. You can use backpacks as well.

Yeah I don't think this problem is specific to tents. I hadn't experienced it with backpacks though. I think the issue is the persistent servers and the item respawning system. They don't seem to be working well together.

Hi candicelj1708,

Thanks for sending inyour feedback on this issue. I'll close the ticket since this should now have been fixed.