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Very hard to get to "Energized" status after 0.48.124737 patch
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I find very hard to get to the "Energized" status after the 0.48.124737 patch. In inventory tab, with a normal energy status ( no hungry text and no energized text ) and an hydrated status, I ate 2 full cans of food (spaggetti and bacon), about 4 apples, a potato, and a full pack of cereals and didn't even got the energized status, even the lower one. In previous patches with two cans of food the energized status was assured.

This added to the difficulty of finding food in the new patch makes almost impossible to gain health after loosing blood.

And i find that fruits mostly gives you water. Potatoes too, and potatoes should give you a huge amount of hydrates (energy).


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I just eat until im energized then drink until im hydrated then stuffed. Im playing Experimental 48.124737 and I am able to be energized and hydrated no issue. Now the food not spawning as much is another issue.

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Same as gh0st op... I ate an entire pack of rice and had some drinks and I gained "Energized", "Hydrated" and "Healthy" status... I met no problems.

Finding food depends if you look for it in already looted areas. I have never found difficulties in finding food. Try to change server or wait for a restart...

I find extra food around on .48, as there are no rotten food drops any more. This means waaaaayyyy more fresh fruit drops. I can attain healthy from new spawn by only eating fresh foods most of the time. I don't even need to eat tinned food!

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yeah but i find that fruit almost only gives me water. As said that day i had 2 cans , apples a potato and a pack of cereals in 5 mins and didn't get nothing being in a normal status.

Of course with a whole pack of rice you get it, but i feel it's not as before and din't ee anything on changelog...

@Geez maybe close this ticket as obsolete?

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