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[Suggestion] Sand Bags
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It would be nice to see the ability to craft sand bags and place them for what ever reason.

step 1 : find burlap sack

step 2 : find shovel (for digging the sand)

step 3 : go to beach and use shovel to dig sand (maybe you could have a model of a sand pile).

step 4 : drag and drop sand into the burlap sack.

step 5 : place sand bag were desired.

This could be used for creating firing positions for snipers, protecting camp sites and many more possibilities.

In the future when base building is implemented this could be an immersive way to use the crafting system.

Maybe not just use sand ? how about mud from the forest floor?

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This feedback forum is for bugs and not what we would like to see in the game. I love the idea, don't get me wrong, but this isn't for the stuff you want added to the game.

Lovely idea my friend. +1 vote!

this forum has been used for suggestions ever since as well and it is important to involve the communitys creativity to create the game it desires.

(Keep bringing great suggestions like this one cater)



Oh and you shouldn't vote the suggestion down, just because you do not like suggestions to be around here at all.

It would be only fair for cater if you voted every other suggestion down as well, or just remove this one. Please do!