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Rampant item duplication - My camp is spawning AK's
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I have a camp. I put a backpack, and AKM in my tent. I left a AK101, Mosin outside the tent. The backpack, AKM, AK101, and Mosin are all duplicating themselves, possibly when I log in. However there are plenty of duplicate item spawns that are not in my camp. (screen shots)


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Put things in tent, close to tent. Log in and out.

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I was in the Police Station Komorovo on Server DE 01 with V 0,48,124,737. There was in one corner a backpack, a childbag, a pliers and one pair shoes. I put the childbag in the backpack, the pliers and the shoes in the childbag (which was in the backpack allready). As far as I remember I did this without picking it up, but in the vicinity window of the inventory. One day later I checked back this Police Station.

It was all like I left it, but I had only 4 FPS with open iventory when I was looking at the backpack. In the backpack was the childbag and inside this was the pliers and the shoes. But the childbag was also hovering in the air above it, with the pliers and the shoes. Not one but alot of them in the same place. There was also a pliers on the ground, same here, item after item after item, roughly more than 100 items at the same position. Same with the Shoes. I picked them up for counting and dropped all a few meters away.

Another day later, the droppes items are gone, the childbags was still there.
But the Shoes and the pliers was also back. Again hundrets at the position where I picked all of them up one day before.

This server isnt respawning loot. Gobal item limit reached?

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My camp was spawning rampant items. I had taken some things out of my tent to move it, and i placed them next to this river. Over the course of the next day, i witnessed tons of duped magazines and such. I tried to put them all in backpacks and hide the backpacks in order to get rid of the issue, but it didn't stop.

Album, showing the piles of magazines that have duped:

More shots. I'm pretty good at finding peoples camps. They all have the same issue. Glitch Abuse? - Priority 1 game breaking bug.....

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@Geez, hi!
I think this issue is obsolete.

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