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Loot spawn balancing in high value locations
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In experimental version .48 after many hours of testing, all high value targets (military, police stations, piano houses) we visit are completely empty. I believe what is happening is when players pick up loot in those places, that loot then respawns but because there are many possible spawns near by, it is unlikely to respawn in the high value location.

The end result is that the high risk/high reward locations that used to drive interesting gameplay are now always empty. For them to get much chance of loot again, all the surrounding loot spots would have to be looted which is pretty unlikely as often the high value locations are only visited for that loot.

Example: Barracks in Chapaevsk will always be empty once initially raided as the loot will respawn scattered around surrounding apartment blocks that will never be raided.


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I agree there should be more of a balance and may be have all spawn points have the chance of one of all the items on the list spawn at that point. Balancing out by military places have a higher chance of military kit spawn in, police stations have higher chance of police items spawn there and so on. So you might have a lucky fined in the less looted spots to get something good as well. Just a thought.

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The loot do respawn in the 2 km radius circles (as Hicks may have mentioned in a stream). With overlapping (every building has its own bubble?) this could cause loot shifting away. This would be an explanation why the apartmens in Cherno are full of loot in every floor.