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other knives then "combat knife" dosn't fit in military boots
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As the title shows you the bayonet knife dos not fit in the boots.


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Its a bayonet not a knife, the combat knife works fine.

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i have NEVER find a combat knife. Only kitchen knifes and the m4 bayonet.
The text says explicite: Ist a bayonet AND(!!!!!!!!) a knife!
And BOTH knife dosn't fit!

And also: Why should only fit one knife in the boots. This makes no sence!
Stupit answer -.-

And, the patch knows says ALL knives!!! not only combat knife. First read, then vote down:
"Items: Military Boots now store knives "

It doesn't say ALL knives. It just doesn't define which knives.

Why you so mad Bro??? I bet you die a lot don't you? I will leave a combat knife in a building on my server and post the location here for you to have so you can make your gear complete. Just because you cant find one doesn't make it OK for you to lash out at everyone because you are feeling down, Its ok, don't cry we will help you young man..

I want to point something out to you. would you stick the Mosin or the SKS bayonet in said slot in your boot, of course not its a bayonet not a knife. You do know what a boot knife it right(i will post a pic for you)think things out next time before you post. AND DON'T BE MAD BRO......

Does that look like a bayonet(I don't see a mounting hole do you?)

Does that look like a bayonet(I don't see a mounting hole do you?)

Look how the Bajonett looks like in dayz and the knife. Its near the same. Its useless to post a picture of any other knife witch is not implemented in dayz.

And the word is "knives" PLURAL. Not " one knife".
Jesus: One time with pro's, only one time!

If they wrote plural, we test all, not only one. And I think the devs know the different between one or more (signal and plural).

Remember it's a alpa game, there are more things to come like knives.. Hence the word is "knives" PLURAL

Even your 1st link says BAYONET not knife
And the 2nd says KNIFE

Just don't be mad BRO if you want the knife the offer still stands little man..

And again: read the fucking description of the Bajonett if you can .
And the kitchen knife doesn't fit.

It's an alpha and its a bug. If you are unable to count more then one it's not my problem.

Dear mods, why kids are able to post here if they are not able to read or count?

I'll agree with you that more knives should be able to fit in your boot.

However, Mosin and SKS bayonets are much too long to comfortably fit, regardless of what you call them.