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[SUGGESTION] zombies have realistic loot
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Currently, there is no incentive to explore, as you just waste precious bullets on zombies, for no reward and little chance to find more bullets. It means people are incentivized to hang out at the loot points, such as police stations and barracks. I want to explore and not hang out at the high loot areas or server hop, but there is nothing else to do unless you become a bandit.

Military or police zombies should have a chance of a damaged pistol, sks, canteen, bullets or similar. Farmer type zombies should have chance of shotgun cartridges or similar. perhaps zombies could pick up a random item from their prey. Perhaps even some change of decent loot, like a rare akm, would make zombie hunting fun and rewarding, instead of killing fellow survivors to relieve boredom.


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The zombies should have loot, it gives you the icon to search their bodies so I'm sure it will come at some point. Be patient its an alpha. Confirmation would be nice though.... Devs are you listening?

Yes! this, maybe even let the army zombies drop some camo gear!

*Yes,to loot items like ammunition,maps,compases,matches -etc

*Nay,to loot items like revolves,m4s,ballistic vests,acog scopes -etc

DMYD has the right idea.
A chance of simple loot is good, anything more is overdoing it.

I'm going along with some low-value loot. Military zombies could have some bullets, civilian zombies stuff like screwdrivers.
Please no guns. There are way to many gun spawns at the moment.

It would be nice if military zombies at least carried a few mags of random ammo. That would be nice....

KahLeeb added a subscriber: KahLeeb.May 8 2016, 7:22 PM

I'm totally fine with zombies having pretty much Any gear (including guns and ammo) that makes logical sense.

(for example: pistol and handcuff on a cop, military cloths and ammunition/magazines on military zombies, common items on civilian zombies)

I think that non-ruined item quality on zombies is what should be rare/uncommon.

This way zombie loot would function more like the following:
"I know that military zombie probably has military loot, but that loot is most likely ruined, and even if it isn't ruined, it certainly isn't pristine."

I hate to say it, but this is surely an obvious thing that will be added in over time?

If in the final version no zombie ever carried anything, I think I'd quit.

(OK, I probably wouldn't. But I'd be like WTF?!)

As things stand, I would quite like to be able to remove some of their clothing, inspect how soiled it is, and either wear it, burn it, or cut it into rags.

A soiled rag would surely contain a dice-roll for Gangrene if used?

Jorn added a subscriber: Jorn.May 8 2016, 7:22 PM

Loot yes, the military zombies could have a bit of ammo on them too.

Generally, not every zombie should have survival loot IMO but at least let me take the shirt off them so I can make rags for a fireplace kit.

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