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Player tosses weapons away
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I have encountered a bug where the player at random times may throw his/her equipped weapon away at random, using the same animation of that of throwing grenades.


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Happens randomly when holding a weapon.

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Most of the times the weapon can be regained but can result in loss/disappearance of weapon.

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already reported.. but i have run across this bug before as well..

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not a bug if you are pressing and holding the throw item key to run uphill (exploit). two handed items can now be thrown as well, just as the changelog says.

Thank god I am not the only one! Nope not caused by pressing the throw bind at all, I even went as far as completely unbinding throw and the issue still remained, even when prone it would stand me up to throw my rifle.

Confirmed, I suffer from this bug as well.

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I've lost 3 items to this.
It's reproduced by being crouch, having item on hands (maybe in combat mode don't remember) and trying to lean (each time to the right, might happen with left lean too).
It doesn't happen every time / with all items.
But with weapons it seems to happen atleast for me.

equip akm, go prone (mouse5), zoom (hold mouse2), fire (k), unzoom (click mouse2), standup and throw gun (no control).

It actually just happened from rolling last night, in the span of 30 minutes I stood up from a basic roll to throw my gun 13 times, most of those times I wasn't even pressing anything else so should be easy to recreate.

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if i press "shift" + "+" i throw whatever in my hands is. This is soo frustrating i almost lost an M4 until i found why the feck my character was throwing it...

Priority FIX!