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Throwing Item Bug
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Me and a friend of mine have come across an item throwing bug where at randomly, the player will throw whatever is in his hands when moving with WASD keys in combination with the number pad while looking around your character. It happens at random, but can be consistently reproduced.


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Steps To Reproduce

Step 1: Put any item in hand.
Step 2: Move forward, backward, side-to-side (no order needed).
Step 3: While moving with item in hand, use number pad keys to look around character at the same time.

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Have the same issue but with different things that make it happen, i aim with rifle then zoom and it throws the gun out my hands! this happens all the time and i keep losing weapons because of it!

I have almost the same thing, with gun in hand crouch to look under a bed or a object when you lean left or right and boom he tosses the gun. I lost 3 sks's in 15 minutes.. :-(

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i experience that with any key on thrown item on assignmetns, if i press "shift" + "+" i throw whatever in my hands is. Pirority fix.

Hello guys

Matt already answered i believe, they are aware of it!!

Next build should be fixed,!

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If they were aware of it, any of the various reports of this issue should be "assigned" and they are not. A lot of issues around them are assigned and this aren't, so seems that moderators of this forum are ignoring this issue.

Instead writing i believe that... Post the information confirming it, if not, just vote up the reports whith this issue.

They are man

The thing is as you said there are so many copies of the same bugs it is counter productive to check again and again, there must be one confirmed by them

And by writing i confirmed it and also voted

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This bug has been acknowledged in issue #0015009: Weapon throw when prone