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Player Stuck
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Every time i disconnect for the night no matter if im outside or inside my player gets stuck and i cant move,shoot,open my inventory or hit esc to dissconect i have to hit control alt delete and close dayz and the ondly way for me to get of of the glitch is my friends has to shoot me in the leg and break it i have to disconnect and reconnect


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Hello XFANTA72X,

Sorry to hear about your trouble. Would it be possible for you to attach a video that shows the issue please?

Thanks in advance,


sry that took so but thats a video of me i cant move or do any thing but i found a new way to get unstuck i can go into my settings and change my presets to dayz and it fixes every thing untill i dc again the n i have to do it all over again

hers a link to the video so u can see my issue

Thanks for sending in all that information. Do you also have the exact same behavior when running DayZ in fullscreen mode instead of windowed mode?

yes it doesent matter what mode im in

Do you usually connect to servers from the server browser, or do you mostly join a friends' game via Steam?

i do both and no matter what this glitch will happen but i have found another way to fix it before i start to play at the main screen i click configure/controls/assignments/presets/dayz and hit ok which will allow me to play 1 game until i disconnect and reconnect then i have to do it all over again

Hello there,

can you please try reproducing the issue one more time?

When you successfully reproduce the problem, please exit the game and go to this directory:


There you should find a file called <Name>.DayZProfile.

Please take this file and upload it here for us to have a look at it.

Thank you!

how do i up load the file it keeps say error # 5 0 1 file not allowed to be uploaded

That is odd. Try packing it into a .rar/zip archive and uploading the resulting file.

here is the file it may for some reason have uploaded a windows movie make file but just right click and open with winrar also i have noticed with the new 0.48 stable update i am no longer glitching but thank you anyways for trying to solve my glitch

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I have the same issue, attached my DayZProfile files as well.