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0.47 experimental - loot cycling very much possible, allowing players to pile up loot near military spawns
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I realise there's some tweaking to do on loot spawning. I just wanted to share what the current state of the loot spawn mechanic can bring; at green mountain on a UK server I played at today I found piles upon piles of items that were picked up and brought outside of the prison building, allowing for loot respawning.

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pick up all loot items within building; drop them outside. Wait for server to refill slots, repeat.

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So that is the reason of all the bullshit outside in badly damaged?^^
I thougt it was a bug in the loot refill System that takes everything on one spot, and that the respawned loot was always crap^^

But your ticket is obiously more Logical-.- mhm not the idea off respawning loot i guess...

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Yep also works for me. There needs to be a timer on loot respawning so that people can't do this so easily.