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Zombies are running through half of the doors
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hey Devs,
the new pathfinder ist very nice.
But apart from there distance watching (the range it too high) the zombies are able through half of the doors of the game.

They are NOT able run through the doors of:
-barracks outdoor
-yellow police stastion inside

They are able run through the doors of:


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Let a zombie see you. Go in one of the building. Close the door and wait and look if the zombie glitch through the door

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I will test more houses over the time.

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+ TOO much ZOMBIES, i hate this pack, before this pack were not too much zombies....

Bohemia added a subscriber: Bohemia.May 8 2016, 7:16 PM

i love this much zombies. Now its realistic.
But you can't escape into houses because the door glitches of zombies.
And they see you too far away. 800m+ is not realy fair and they see you INSIDE the buildings through the walls of houses.

And if you shoot one, have fun with the constant horde. Most house doors they'll walk right through and even barracks doors sometimes.

well drakoxx if u truly think about it how many people are in a town if u were to make a loud noise like a gun shot how could u be shocked if u get horded

and i have also noticed this glitch certain doors they can still go through

Where are the Zombies?
First day of the update there are so many Zombies and aggressiv (=cool) but now there are only 5 Zombies or so and not as aggressiv as before :( (=uncool)

arvinzd added a subscriber: arvinzd.May 8 2016, 7:16 PM

I think why there is no more a lot zombiesand very aggroing zombies in this latest update, because they know the.zombie still glitch and have a bad behavior very inconsistent, just look on another AI issue about zombie in this site.

I can confirmed that the zombies not only glitch half clipping through doors but also walls,but they know its an obstacles they cant get through in.
I've tried do the steps above, and zombie can't go inside Anymore which is a big improvement than the previous in terms of zombie navigation.

But they can go around outside the house and glitching and clipping only a half but cant chase me

But sometimes they glitch and clipped through The whole door and get inside, unintentionally

I experienced:

if I shut down a door when a zombie is following me -quite close-, he comes into the already closed door as if there were none. If I am a bit more far away, and the door gets some time to "really close" the doors keep the zombies out.

Except: If there are more than one zombie, they might glitch themselfes in randomly by pushing to each other(?)
I think that, because I once have been in some cabin and locked them out. This worked for minutes and all of the sudden one zombie was inside the room and hit me. I saw that there were like moving within each other at the door and some arms were inside the house randomly.

anyone had the same experiences?

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