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Items not displayed in containers
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Yesterday and today again we had the Problem that medikits or Pants seems alway empty when they are on the ground, if you pick them up then you see the items in them.

The medikit was pristine on the floor -- empty
Picked it up to insert my rags in it -- No Place the Medikit was full...

Found a Pant with 6 Places (can't remember the Name)- it seemed empty i put it on and a Compass was in it...

I worry that it affects every item with space in it, but i will test it further.

Edit: Title changed in something more significant. Changed Version to last tested stable Version 0.49


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Find a new Medikit ine medical Center or Hospital

or Pants everywhere that could have been dropped...

  1. View Content... It's Empty
  1. Take the Medikit or the Pants
  1. Now there are Items in the Medikit
Additional Information

Every Medikit is empty unless i have it in my Inventory.

If you drop the medikit away, it Looks empty again....

If you drop your Pants off with loot in it, they look empty on the floor...

Tested on Experimental yesterday and today

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2/3 of all medikits i found on the ground was empty until i pick them upo in the hand. Then in the bottom middle firld of the inventory i saw the content and after i drop them back i saw all the content.

they glitch and get filled with ghost items to fix this all u have to do is put it in your inventory then drop it on the floor and all the items should re appera

Drakoxx added a subscriber: Drakoxx.May 8 2016, 7:15 PM

ME TOO, please FIX IT.

I will add one thing, because it seems to be the same bug:
If i take a backpack (tested only with hunter backback) from a corpse, the backpack is all the time empty.

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@fanta not for me
Just tested. If i take an empty medikit (he is full in my inventory) and then i drop it away, it shows empty again. Same for my mate, he see the medikit also empty, if he takes it up, then it is full:-/

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If other players drop items to the ground and you pick them up they may seem to be empty even if they are not. The items are invisible.

To fix it:
Log out and log in again on any server and the items in the 'empty' bags/medikits etc are visible again.

mist3r added a comment.Aug 4 2014, 8:31 AM

Did not see the problem anymore in 0.48 version, can someone confirm that it is okey now, or did i just have some luck?

mist3r added a comment.Aug 7 2014, 8:33 AM

It's pretty difficult to test those things on 0.48... I just died 3 time on 3 different servers because there is nothing to eat... nothing... not even the appletrees gives me some food-.-

This Problem still persists.
Not in stable 0.48 but still in experimental 0.48...

mist3r added a comment.Sep 2 2014, 8:54 AM

Had this Problem yesterday with a vest in 0.48 Stable.

Had This Issue again on Experimental 0.49 on the newest Version with a medikit...
Didn't have the possibility to check with other Containers

andy added a comment.Sep 16 2014, 4:26 PM

Hello survivors,
we are aware of this problem and working on a fix.
Thank you for the continuous reporting!

The funny thing is, that it's not happening to everyone. It happens very often when we find something like a medikit, or when I drop a container like a vest that for one of my mates it shows empty, and for the other mate it is totally normal...
But it's always the same guy who doesn't see the items, and the other guy always sees them, so it's not a random thing :-/

It happens also for me that I can't see whats inside a container, just have to drop something in and everything is fine... Really strange bug.

Newly on 0.49 stable also happened with a selfmade fire... My friend couldn't see the meal inside until he droped one himself in it...

Bug is still present in the latest .50 update.

This isn't just regarding pants and medkits. Dropping any container on the ground, moving a few km away, then coming back to it, random items will disappear. Moving something in then out of that container will show all the items.

No offense to you mist3r but this is a very poorly titled and described bug. The other issue ( ) has a much better title and was a lot easier to find in the bug tracker.

Could someone like andy re-open the other tracker and close this one? Or maybe mist3r, you could edit the title and description to be more accurate?

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Jaxel added a comment.Nov 6 2014, 11:31 PM

Confirmed on 0.49 stable, not sure about the new stable. On the ground, medkits appear empty and weapons don't have attachments, until you pick them up.

Joeys, I disagree strongly, that issue is vaguely worded and confusingly described.

mist3r added a comment.Nov 7 2014, 9:58 AM

Hi Jaxel, It's also confirmed on 0.50 stable. But they are working on it, so we have to wait...

Just to update: Experimental 0.51 had this issue with a medikit. So it's still here

Update: Stable 0.51, issue is still present.

Hi guys did you something on that during the weekly maintenance on stable?

It got very much worse yesterday-.-
We had some Jeans where you COULD SEE the loot, when you pick up something... The rest of the loot disappeared. Trying to fill the Pants again or wear it and re drop it didn't help... I wasn't able to see the loot anymore, only the one Compass I took out and in, the other 5 slots where shown empty, even if I couldn't deposit something inside...

Same Problem with one Military tent, the 28slot Backpack green medikit, Gorka Military Jacket and Taktical beige shirt...
It was very hard yesterday...

mist3r added a comment.Feb 9 2015, 8:27 AM

Didn't see this problem for a while, at least in 0.53, somebody else?

May be the devs did something about that?

Guess we can close here dear devs:)
If we encounter this again we can open a ticket again:)


Guess it's definitively solved, and we can close here