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Moving up hills slow compaired to ARMA 3 and how it should be
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I have a youtube video that shows exactly what i'm talking about.

Basically moving up a hill shouldn't be really slow like it is now, it should be just like Arma 3's moving up hills or better.




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Yeah. Should be like ARMA3... sometimes its just frustrating.

Running uphill that quickly will tear up your thigh muscles pretty fast. A decaying quick run uphill would be good, but running up in the same way we can run cross-country now is too unrealistic in my opinion. Gotta limit it by stamina.

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Its not even 10% of what a runner can do, your point is void of reason. It's not about doing 100% of what i can do realistically. It's about being fluid and sub realistic in relation to the physical shape the character in game is. Are you telling me that in game that guy can't run up 1 hill without walking? A fat guy could do faster if there was a cheeseburger up there or a zombie chasing him. :P

It's about moving up a hill realistically and fluidly, not stop go stop go stop go here let me walk sideways so i can run. I've been playing since release, people who have been playing as long as me understand this bit.

haco added a comment.Jan 4 2015, 4:46 AM

It's not about RUNNING uphill. You should watch the arma3 video (linked by the reporter, above). It's more like a uphill jogging. And that is realisitc.

At the moment you have to walk up a hill... WTF.

Of course... if there will be a stamina system ... the uphill jogging should reduce your stamina more than just jogging on a flat surface.