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Unintentionally throwing
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Character is throwing the weapon unintentionally while holding "Sec. Mouse Button" and hitting the move buttons fast.

edit: Wordarround: rebind "Hold breath"


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Stand with item in hands, hold "Sec Mouse Button" and hit a few times fast "Forward" or "Backward" or "Strafe" or "Fast Forward" or "Slow Forward".

After the Char is doing one step, it is throwing the weapon/item every time.

"Fast Forward" and "Seagul fast forward" bind to "E"
"WASD" bind to move and strafe.
"WS" bind to "Seagul forward and back"
"Hold breath" "Zoom in" "Back" "Optics" bind to "Sec. Mouse Button"

I have throwing items unbinded since throwing was introduced.

Additional Information

Logged in on a regular Experimantal Server after the Navemash implementation I was equipping my Sks, run a few meters, hold right mouse button - character was throwing weapon. Searched and found it again. Left server immediately, tryed next one. Join another server equip Sks, run a few meters, hold right mouse button - char was throwing again - weapon disappeared.
Later with pistol equiped run arround and hold secound mouse button, char was throwing pistol. This time pistol was hovering in mid air at the point of throwing. Had this with a Shootgun and a Pipsi, too. But stuck in throwing animation with these.

So its was big issue for me. Made DayZ unplayble, game breaking. But I figured a workarround out. Had to rebind "Hold breath".

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This issue is also happening to me. After the recent patch, I've thrown away 2 AKMs a SKS and a Mosin, not to mention a few magnums. Unbinding "throw" does not resolve the issue. This happening mid-fight with players or zombies is a complete kill-joy.

Out of all the bugs encountered in the standalone, this one is the most game breaking for me, I can deal with glitchy zombies and other development mountains. Throwing away weapons and items leaves a very poor taste.

O.P. states the problem effectively.

Hope this gets addressed and fixed soon.

Bohemia added a subscriber: Bohemia.May 8 2016, 7:01 PM

Thanks for the tip, man this bug is a real troller. Lost 2 weapons thanks to it and then I threw myself off the building fumbling with the controls.
Had it with the CR550 (new rilfe) and the Longhorn

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i think its not only releatet to the hold breath button i have removed it -> same issue...

if i have sprint and Hold breath on left shift -> the char is also throwing the item...

Issue just happened to me tonight, except not in the way OP described. Threw both my AK and mosin earlier, not sure how the mosin was thrown, but the AK I was simply prone, rolled twice to the right, then my character suddenly stood, then threw.

Friend had the same thing happened. He rolled under a wall, suddenly stood up, and threw his AK.

thats happend to me twice, is really breaking, they maybe gonna fix this up on the hotfix

This seems to randomly happen if you quickly aim down weapons sights and hold breath. Moving while doing this seems to exacerbate the situation. I lost an M4 I have had for ages, then a SKS, then a FNX .45.

Sometimes the weapon will drop on the ground in front of you but usually it will teleport across the ground slowly and disappear.

This is a major issue and makes looking for weapons pointless as your avatar will randomly throw them on the ground when trying to use them. I think this is related to the throw weapon feature somehow.

Man this is a goddamn annoying bug. I can now replicate it with pressing zoom button and freelook button at the same time. Tried unbinding both but still have it every damn time i try to shoot someone. Guess it also has to do with moving fast while using iron shigts and with standing up from crouch to quick. Its probably another damn clusterfuck of the crazy ass animation system in which everything has a delicate balance like in an complex biosystem, and if you change banana spawn rate it eventually ends up withe yolo trololo gun throwing at your enemies. Just missed killing 2 guy because I had to pickup my rifle goddamn 3 times, are you guy messing with us?. After that I decided to run away and quit the game.

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zverus added a comment.Aug 2 2014, 7:50 PM

I have managed to avoid this by unbinding my "Zoom out" button, and using my Mouse Button no.5 to Zoom In instead of Secondary.

THANKS ZVERUS, TRIED IT FOR A MINUTE AND SEEMS LIKE IT WORKS. unbound zoom out and zoom out toggle, and also unbound the reveal target. I still zoom in while holding right mouse button btw. Now I just rebound zoom out and zoom out toggle to isolate the issue. Looks like the issue has to do with the reveal target setting because it is still gone. Im on 124674

I'm glad it worked for you, deacon. I hope it stays that way.

Also, putting away the item you're holding before the animation completes will help avoid losing it. It's not only related to holding weapons, I tested it on bottles, too.

andro added a comment.Aug 3 2014, 4:11 PM

Its like when you hit to many buttons / functions the same time,t hen the Char is throwing.

Ok interesting that someone mentioned it happens more in freelook.

I use TrackIR so I am basically always in freelook and the random throwing of the weapon on the ground happens frequently to me (always when zoom in / out though)

My friend I play with does not have this happen to him and he does not use TrackIR.

So it seems to be the freelook + zoom in / out + aim down sights that causes it.

Glad I'm not the only one, I've ended up losing 2 mosins with this!
Also you mentioned that you have to rebind 'hold breath' well I have it set to both right mouse click and shift and only seems to occur when I am zooming in to prepare to shoot and making small movement adjustments.

nope, I still have it. f*ck, guess im playing dayz friendly mod

Could indeed have something to do with trackir. I just had a lot less throwing (none) when I turned trackir off. With trackir on it looks like I throw when I do to many controls at the same time. Like lay down and press forward while looking around. Also have it when croucing, might have something to do with leaning since trackir also does leaning.


thanks for the report. I will close this in favour of a different issue that has been acknowledged. Please use that #15009 for further discussion on the topic.